Enrique Iglesias is diagnosed with a rare disease and the problems it’s causing him

Although Enrique Iglesias He’s having a great time as a singer after returning to the mic on an international tour “Trilogy Journey”, He has had to deal with some health issues, such as pneumonia a few months ago, which caused him to cancel some plans concert.

Now he is preparing to share the stage with great influential artists. Ricky Martin and Pitbull on tour United States and Canada, But given the absences he has arranged for his health, the genetic disease he suffers from is already known.

son of Julio Iglesias He remains one of the most popular and respected singers thanks to the career he started and the family he maintains with tennis player Anna Kournikova, with whom he has children: twins Nicholas and Lucy, five years old, and Mary, five.

The situation facing Enrique Iglesias

translator of heroes suffers ‘reversed’ (Latin inversion), a congenital anomaly characterized by the arrangement of certain organs into a different orientation to the usual

At least 20,000 people In this world, they have this disease that makes their heart on the right side, like the stomach, and their liver on the left.In this case, Enrique Iglesias’ heart is on the side of the majority people.

he ‘reversed’ It is outlined as a disorder that is inherited from parents and is accompanied by other diseases. deformity, as polysplenism or Cartagena syndromewait.

While patients can lead peaceful lives, they are more prone to heart disease or primary ciliary dyskinesia, A Lung disease This makes them more prone to respiratory infections.

according to Healthline This lung disease also increases your chances of: Sinusitis or chronic bronchitis.

The same condition that caused him to face recent health problems can also be treated. In 2021, Enkrique stepped off the stage to dedicate his time to his family, But now his return has his fans excited.

Iglesias isn’t the only celebrity with the disease, others include Jean Dujardin, Randy Foye and Stephen Fry They also claimed to have the disease.

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