Ensured supply and egg production to demand atypical for coronavirus in Mexico


The production and supply of egg in the country is guaranteedin accordance with the National union of Farmers (A), in spite of sanitary contingency and holy week, the period in which increases the consumption of that food.

In previous weeks there was a imbalance in the supply in the markets by the demand for atypical egg, the above happened because of the uncertainty and sanitary measures that will be implemented by the Secretary of Health to mitigate the number of positive cases by Covid-19, explained Juan Manuel Gutiérrez Martín, president of the A, in interview to the newspaper Millennium.

In the third week of march was when the federal government began with the recommendations to the population to reduce its activities and with them existed a number of reports about the shopping panic. For the 30 march, which decreed the state of emergency healthcare for non-essential activities, which limited the mobility.

Among the foods in which it is reported scarcity and increase of price was the egg. In this regard Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco) mentioned that the escalation in price was the consequence of the time of year and that the production is less by the weather conditions.

A kilogram of egg was sold between 40 and 46 pesos. Profeco added that it was “a product that had a increase is not very significant during January and Februarybut it is a seasonal increase”.

In mexican territory, on average, consuming 23.3 kg of eggs per person per yearthat puts you the first places among the nations with greater consumption. And is the fourth largest producing nation in the world, with around 250,000 tonnes a month.

55% of egg production comes from the Jaliscoafter it is located Puebla, with 17% and the rest comes from entities such as Sonora, Sinaloa, Coahuila, and Monterrey (28%).

Are 145 companies that supply egg in Mexico and 167-producing chicken, which give employment to 1.2 billion people, it is a sector that continues to work to be a necessary activity

The president of the National Union of Farmers indicated that companies stepped up biosecurity measures and care of your staff, how to send to your houses its employees of the third age and women pregnant.

“Our industry is essential, it is an industry that is working, los producers are obviously taking extreme precautions and care to all his people, it’s already been done before by the issue of biosecurity. Us who work with living beings and we have to take care of the health of the animals,” Gutierrez explained Martin.

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