Entered into operations of the Mobile Unit for detecting cases of coronavirus in Jalisco


Through social networks, the governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro, revealed that began to circulate on the streets of your state the new Mobile Unit for detecting cases of coronavirus.

During tours by different municipalities, lI in charge of this initiative to cater to people groups identified as vulnerabletakes samples and makes them to bequeath to the state laboratory to be processed.

In the photographs published by Alfaro, you can see the process of taking samples, as well as the labeling and the shipping of the same. The staff, on the other hand, complies with strict orders of health to carry out their tasks.

The Mobile Units are not equipped or intended to do diagnostics at the time. As specified by Alfaro, simply they collect samples for their classification, which are then examined under all the health protocols possible in qualified laboratories and approved by health authorities.

However, the governor did emphasize that your health system will do everything possible while the fight against the coronavirus continuedbut it is necessary that the population put of your part and to the extent possible to remain at home as a preventative measure.

In another series of publications, Enrique Alfaro he asked the people, but on the whole those who arrive willing to vacation, not to travel in vain, as they run the risk of being returned by the health authorities and administration.

In the photographs can be seen various checkpoints that there are on the roads of income and departure from the state, staffed by agents of the Federal Police, State National Guard, as well as paramedics from the Red Cross.

The governor said that Jalisco has been an example of how to avoid the bends of the disease during the quarantinealthough he regretted that already have registered deaths and asked his countrymen “do not loosen” in the face of Phase 3 of the infection in the population.

Until the court of 11 April, the Secretary of Health in Jalisco reported that they have a total of 150 cases of infection confirmed and 11 deaths because of the nuisance that causes the COVID-19.

On the other hand, it has to 704 patients with suspected infection that have already been examined and await confirmation, as well as a total of 2,220 people with a negative diagnosis of the disease.

The municipalities with the alert for the confirmed cases are Zapopan, Guadalajara, Cuautla, Puerto Vallarta, Grullo, Tomatlán, Are Juan de los Lagos, Tecolotlán, San Julián, Tlajomulco, Ameca, Yahualica, Lagos de Moreno, Tonala, Acatic, Tlaquepaque, Tuxpan, Tequila, Jamay, San Martín Hidalgo and Cocula.

As part of the strategies of combat, it was initiated the Plan of Conversion Hospital, which consisted of retrofitting equipment, buildings and mobile units with special measures in order to treat patients infected by the coronavirus.

In Mexico the number of cases of people infected by COVID-19 continue to grow, as during the last report of the SSa federal, it was revealed that van 4,219 patients confirmedwhile the number of fatalities increased to 273.

José Luis Alomía, director general of Epidemiology, said at a press conference from the National Palace there are 21,277 negative cases in the country, 9.983 patients suspected and a total of 35,479 people studied.

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