Environmental alert: Sea lion deaths from bird flu rise

Already here January this year The virus hits the coast Perumutated from From birds to sea lions.bird flu has reached South America at the end of 2022 and spread to birds Argentina February and mutate into a sea lion Just in August.

Since the beginning of this month, there have been confirmed cases of influenza in fur seals in the following provinces. country of fire, Santa Claus, Chubut, black river and Buenos Aires.The first confirmed case in our province after sampling Loyola Point Tested positive in two species.

“We are continually working on it since february, when the disease was first discovered wild bird, and then in August, the outbreak in wild and free-ranging birds was contained.Now we are working on prevention In every region where the infection was detected,” explained the national health agency SENASA.

Sea lions die from bird flu ria-de-rio-gallegos-1-728x485
The animal lay lifeless on the local seashore.Photo: Leandro Franco

Since then, numbers have continued to rise.This indicates southern view Director of Animals, Provincial Agriculture Committee, Amanda Manerohe noted, at least as of early this week, there have been More than 30 confirmed cases At various locations and points, which add The Virgin Islands, Olivia Cove and required port.

The city of El Gorosito especially most affected.The size of the wolf pack has increased by dozens, and according to the displayed Dante Alvarez, the veterinarian of the Provincial Council of Agriculture, and LU12 Radioand this number will continue to rise.

“We estimate the mortality rate to be at least 10%, so we’ve made assumptions. We counted about 728 wolves in the last census 12 days ago, We expect a wolf mortality rate of 70 to 100. This is reality, this is what is happening,” he pointed to the current state of affairs.

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With three agents in tow, they managed to remove him from the location. Photo: Leandro Franco/LA Opinion Austral

In fact, a few days ago, a young sea lion appeared on the Rio Gallegos beachfront, and the tide carried it away, but the authorities were unable to get it out of the water. “He came and went in the water, he was small, but the tide took him, took him to death,” he said at the time.

Condition it happened again this tuesday Along with another sea lion, bigger this time, reached the local shore. Upon learning of the incident, the Provincial Land Commission’s fauna authorities went to the area to remove the remains.along with cooperate of City Hall and mechanicalthey got remove the animal and bury itaccording to the established agreement Senasa. Everything is recorded.

“In this case, since the wolf was seen in this case, it has active he protocol; with CAP and SENASA, we will be taking precautionary restrictions for protection, not for safety,” he said. Alejandro ShockmanDirector of Municipal Animal Welfare Bureau talking with mobile phone southern view turn up.

“We will wait Of course we have more casesbut it is controlled by the provincial regions and SENASA,” he added.

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Alejandro Shockman was involved in the operation. PHOTO: JOSÉ SILVA / THE AUSTRAL OPINION

he went there too Nicolas Pereiraa veterinary agent for the CAP animal section, told the phone southern view The entire procedure was performed in accordance with the protocol provided by SENASA.

Sea lions die from bird flu ria-de-rio-gallegos-5-728x485
Sea lions were buried by fauna and municipality staff. Photo: Leandro Franco/LA Opinion Austral

“You have to do your best to look after the traffic in the area and don’t approach sea lions or bring pets off a leash. These are the most important pieces of advice, like avoiding traffic, especially for fishermen and neighbors who are out for walks on weekends,” he said. explain.

With the help of the municipality, they managed to remove the animal. PHOTO: JOSÉ SILVA / THE AUSTRAL OPINION

Although mutations to other species have not been confirmed, they recommend avoiding close any dead animal appears in this area.

“For sea lions or birds with strange symptoms, such as irregular movements, we must also try not to step on the feces, which is the source of transmission.” The province’s entity veterinarian said.

We already had cases, he recalled Loyola Point The caveat is to continue maintenance care, which is the same as for patient care CoronavirusLike washing your hands. “Don’t worry, but is to take precautionary measures“Do not approach dead birds or other species and notify authorities quickly,” he stressed.

Animals found dead were given the swab reporter arrive protocol SENASA will confirm positives, however, health and environmental authorities remind each dead animal would be considered an avian flu deathpreventive.

at the national level

Due to the animal health situation, different advice was given to those visiting the beach, so since then argentina wildlife They remember that contagion only happens by contacteither pass stool, mucous membrane or other methods. Therefore, it is advised not to approach sea lions, much less come into contact with them, to minimize the risk.

Due to the worrying situation, the Argentine Association of Fishing Vessel Masters, Pilots and Skippers and CESMAR have sent Head of SENASA Southern Regional Centre, signed by Captain (RE) Julio Hoffman (Director of the Research Center) and Jorge Frías, Secretary General of the Association, Fishing Vessel Captain.

In the last few hours of this Tuesday, National Food Health and Quality Service (SENASA) confirmed three new cases Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) H5 detected in sea lions claromeko and saint blaiseprovince Buenos Airesand in San Antonio East, black river.

According to a statement from the state agency, the SENASA National Laboratory collected samples from dead sea lions found at the aforementioned locations.

Positive cases of the disease have so far been detected in Rio Grande, Fuego province; in the Rio Negro Punta Bermeja Nature Reserve; Necochea, Buenos Aires and Santa Cruz The aforementioned areas; in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Puerto Piramides, Chubut and three more this Tuesday in Cleromeco and San Blas.

However, statistics of deaths has been infected by the virus one question This is only a problem at the moment due to the high number of dead species on the country’s coast Estimated figures.santa cruz can easily surpass 200.

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