Enzo Ferrari, the young romantic Drake told by Breezy

A romantic with a stern face. it was for enzo ferrari henry breezywho devoted more than 450 pages to the Drake of Maranello Enzo. a boy’s dream (HarperCollins), the first volume of the saga. The 48-year-old author from Bologna will present it tomorrow at 6 pm in the covered square of Salaborsa. Journey between childhood and adulthood in the world of Ferrari Which in this first part dates back to 1919 with “The Magician”, when he was twenty years old. Next to her are her father Fredo, owner of a metal carpentry workshop who worked for the railway and was the first person to drive a car in Modena, her mother Gisa, a spontaneous pioneer of women’s rights, Dino, her older brother. , With strong literary passion. To Negus, the goon dude with a heart of gold, and to Norma, the girl from Mirandola who made his heart skip a beat.


Enzo Ferrari preferred to study in the workshop of his father, who would have liked to become an engineer. Whether he dreams of becoming an opera tanner, a sports journalist or a racing driver. Saw first car race on Bologna circuit at age 10, wrote letter to journalist Luigi Barzini at age 12 corriere della sera, After reading a book on the Peking-Paris car attack in which Barzini was the protagonist. What must a 12-year-old boy from Modena, enrolled in technical school and car enthusiast, do to fulfill the dream of living an adventure like his own. Incredibly, the ace travel reporter’s reply came from London: “Dear Enzo, my young friend, do not mind if I confess that I harbor a touch of bitter malice for you”, the man wrote. , who crossed Asia, traveled the oceans on ocean liners and the skies aboard the Zodiac airship. «At your young age, in fact, everything is still possible, even learning to feel at home in every corner of the world. On the other hand, as wise men say, those who have time do not wait for time. At the age of 16, young Enzo even managed to publish his account of the Modena-Inter football match. gazzetta dello sport,

passion for “red”

An intense story of Breezy, passionate about long walks or bicycle rides. On a myth created by Ferrari himself, with deep roots: «It is imperative to realize how widespread the passion for the “red”: you find flags with the mortal horse on country farms because you are out of touch with the world go out, as in the bourgeois balconies of city residences. When a Ferrari races it is a kind of collective feeling even for those who, like me, are not very passionate about engines. For our forefathers a hundred years ago, the car represented freedom, as a walking or pedal trip might represent it for me today. We have car traffic today. In those days, it did not exist. At that time, the car was the promise of close to perpetual motion».

influenced by the working world

In the book the future carmaker Ferrari is still a boy, fascinated by the workers’ way of life and their physical togetherness: «Although born in modest families, they attended theaters and conventions, and on weekends they took the family to fairs. or for a swim in the river; Of course they remained ordinary people, but to Enzo they seemed to be a demonstration of what a wonderful life a man can live, provided he works for those he loves and is loved by those for whom he works. does».


His father and brothers did not survive the Great War, unlike Enzo, who after the war went to Turin to seek his fortune, initially in a Fiat: «He filed under the high facade of the Palazzo dei Musei and when he saw the clear trajectory Via Emilia, a scream rose from his chest that was both laughter and lament, then he put his foot on the gas without remorse. Running at full speed only towards the future, he told himself that as soon as he gained speed, could a boy catch up to the man he would one day become.’

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