Epic Games For Free World War Z To 2. April


Suara.com – To avoid as a form of support for the campaign of isolation, a pandemic virus, Corona -, Epic Games this week, one of the flagship resembles game World war Z for users around the world.

However, keep in mind that World war Z is only for the free of Epic Games to 2. April. How to play the game is simple, you just need to download on the official website of the Epic Games Store

“As of today, up to 2. April, the World was downloaded Z free of charge and stored in the Epic Games Store,” wrote Epic Games on its official Twitter account.

In addition to the World war Z, Epic Games this week are also exempt two other games, namely the imagination and the tormentor x Puhisher.

World war Z is a game adapted from the movie of the same title, starring actor Brad Pitt, and was broadcast for the first time in 2013. This movie tells about the outbreak of a virus that turn people into zombies can and grab all the on the world.

This game is in its own way co-op third-person shooter, similar to Left 4 Dead.About the gameplay, World war Z requires four players to fight, complete the mission, while you are attacked by so many zombies, including certain kinds of skills.

Some of the enemies that must be confronted, among other things, starting with the zombies that can run fast, has a great body to the zombies that can attack from a distance.

In addition to the story mode, the player can also choose a few other modes, such as deathmatch mode, FPS games (First Person Shooter) similar to, but include attack of the zombies in it.