Eras Tour arrives in cinemas in America

TEylor Swift has announced that a film dedicated to her will be released in US theaters on October 13. Eras Tourthe most unusual tour of recent years

Three hours of performances, ten changes of clothes and over 40 songs per evening. Over 20 of America’s most important stadiums were completely sold out in a matter of minutes, with over 70,000 spectators at each concert. This was only the first part (in jargon, leg) fromEras Tour, Taylor Swift’s sixth round. Do we need more details to convince ourselves that this is an unprecedented phenomenon?

According to Taylor Swift, no, and for this reason, she does not even wait until the end of her world tour to announce the release of a film that tells the behind-the-scenes story of the Eras Tour. will be released in all AMC theaters in the US, Mexico and Canada starting October 13th. It has already achieved record pre-sales of over $26 million in the first 24 hours of being announced.

Eras Tour arrives at the cinema

Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift chooses you for service, you must take it seriously and make sure that the fans receive all the possible benefits. This lesson has been learned the hard way by Ticketmaster’s CEO, who is currently in court against the singer’s team for inconveniencing fans while selling tickets on tour. The AMC line is taking no chances. Instantly announces that ticket prices will be reduced so that every fan can attend the event, there will be branded Eras Tour themed popcorn and drinks. Every day at least 4 repetitions of the film, so that no one is left out.

For her part, the singer had only one warning, expressed in the same Instagram post with which she announced the film, to prepare for the screening as if it were an evening at the stadium. If the Eras Tour became place to be throughout the year, this is also due to the atmosphere created by the fans, who have preserved already popular traditions and come up with new ones.

Aesthetics of the Taylor Swift Tour

Taylor Swift

First of all, it is very important to choose the right outfit. While on previous tours, fans have been inspired by Taylor’s style or created costumes similar to those on stage, the Eras Tour was greatly influenced by the band’s aesthetic. Renaissance from Beyoncé (silver, silver and more silver) and Dahl Love on tour from Harry Styles (boas, sequins, suns, hearts, love) regarding the dress code. So “Representative Girls” (fans whose heartfelt album is “Reputation”) usually wear skimpy dresses in silver or in reference to the snake symbol; That “Girls in Love” (“Girls” from the “Lover” album), however, will contain references to hearts and all shades of pink and blue.

The most characteristic tradition is the tradition friendship braceletsfriendship bracelets. Fans even start preparing them months before the date and bring in industrial quantities to give to everyone they meet. The idea comes from a song on the latest album “Midnights” which reads:make friendship bracelets, seize the moment and taste it“. They are inspired by Taylor Swift songs, funny puns. But often also iconic phrases that only history buffs will recognize ( Swifty known for being very arrogant towards newcomers).

Even celebrities are getting ready

No one is excluded from these traditions, on the contrary, even the celebrities that you host in what the fans now call the “tent” (the space between the first and second center rings where the fan usually has friends) feel the responsibility to come prepared. . From Lupita Nyong’o who took to TikTok to help a supermodel get advice on the right outfit Sara Sampaio who a few days before started preparing his costume and shared it on social media. Instead of them, the queens of bracelets Halsey AND Gigi Hadid. The first one made more than 30 and posted a video on Instagram, where he shows them in all details; the second one attended several times (she is one of Taylor’s best friends) and each time was photographed with her hands full of gifts from fans.

If fans go out of their way to make every date unique, it’s not just because of the huge affection they feel. This is mainly because the Eras Tour is essentially the biggest celebration of Taylor Swift’s career ever. After 17 years in a career, when Taylor Swift announced last year that she wanted to embark on an international tour that would highlight each of her “eras,” fans immediately knew it would be a one-of-a-kind event.

Eras Tour: tour idea of ​​the year

He hasn’t stepped into the weights of Italy for over 10 years. Her LoverFest, which was supposed to take her to at least Manchester and Paris, has been canceled due to the pandemic. During the two most unsuccessful years for the music business, she never stopped releasing music. In 2020, he reached the real pinnacle of his career. Folklore, his seventh album, won a Grammy for Best Album; its forgotten twin “Evermore” was released a few weeks later. The announcement of “Midnights” came as a surprise, as always, but in fact, an absurd situation arose for the artist: why flaunt the last album and admit that the whole three last releases risk not being appreciated live? ?

Thus the idea of ​​the Eras Tour was born: a holiday tour of his entire career. The line-up included the greatest hits of each album (and corresponding stage costumes), surprise songs at every meeting, sets and choreography not seen before. The Eras Tour is currently the highest-grossing tour in history, although it has yet to arrive in Asia and Europe (it will take place in 2024). According to journalists, the GDP of countries grows as it passes. According to some mayors, the very fact of choosing their city for a date makes it worthy of receiving keys or honorary citizenship.

Eras Tour: Taylor and Swifty grew up together

To all this affection, Taylor Swift responded in the best way she could: allowing herself to be fragile on stage and giving fans not only the unforgettable experience of a one-of-a-kind performance, but also a real show of confidence. The Eras Tour stage was actually chosen twice for the announcement of two re-recordings, that is, two re-recorded and sold in exclusive editions of albums with unreleased tracks “from the vault”. Last May, it was the turn of Speak Now, which had a preview video aired. In June of this year it was the turn of the most anticipated album “1989”, which made her the Queen of Pop. As if to say that the best way to celebrate her “eras” is to make sure all her songs are really hers, and the best people to surprise are the people who choose to spend three hours with her.

Filming a performance isn’t enough to tell what the Eras Tour is all about, and of course the film, in full Taylor Swift style, will feature unedited clips of life behind the scenes and event planning. For us Italians, the show is not scheduled, but who knows, we may not soon be able to find it for sale on Amazon Prime. In fact, here the artist inserts more and more unreleased songs from re-recordings as soundtracks. As we wait for our (hard-earned and dreamed-up) dates, July 13 and 14, 2024, we’ll just have to content ourselves with snippets of live performances and videos from other continents. But isn’t it better to keep the surprise?

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