Eras Tour, Taylor Swift stuns Milan: she wants them on stage

The stage of the Eras Tour in Milan will be opened by the world’s favorite band: the event promises to be unforgettable, details.

The Eras Tour is one of the biggest events of 2023 and features Taylor Swift. On the Milan stage there will be not only a singer, but also a band that will open the event.

Eras Tour opening concert in Milan: band
Who will open the Eras Tour of Milan – IG photo source: @taylorswift –

Great event. Taylor Swift – Eras Tour it began last May in Paris and ended on August 17th. Despite the recent closure, we are already looking to the future, as evidenced by the numerous requests the artist receives. As for Italy, there will be two concerts, both in Milan. at Meazza Stadium: July 13 and 14, 2024. A famous American band will also perform on this occasion: that’s who they are.

Eras Tour in Milan, two concerts opened by a very famous group: fans at the celebration

Class of 2023 Taylor Swift – Eras Tour it’s archived, but there are already those who are thinking about next year’s release, in two dates in Milan will open Queens of America Concert Paramore. This group formed in Tennessee in 2004 and debuted in 2005 with an album. All we know is fall.

Eras tour decision
Taylor Swift’s decision on who will open the Eras Tour in Milan. Photo source IG: @paramore –

In the following years, Paramore’s success was incredible and led to the band becoming famous throughout the world. In 2013, they released their fourth album called Paramore, which managed to reach the top of the Billboard 200. Other important moments in the history of Franklin’s group that we can mention are four Grammy Award nominations: 2008, 2010, 2011, 2015 With. the latter won thanks to the song Isn’t this fun?.

Since 2004, Paramore have released 8 albums, 6 in the studio and 2 live, and they have certainly made history in their genre. Now both fans of the band and fans of the genre will be able to listen to them again thanks to the Eras Tour, which will take place in July next year. To mark the occasion, both Paramore and Taylor Swift will host two unique evenings.