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Yuri surprised today with a touch of reggaeton in “All year round” (ft. Nio Garcia), Erik Rubin did on the weekend with touches of acoustic and electronic, and “Air and fire”; the interpreter and the ex-Beatles are the artists that are kept in force because experience, adapt to digital changes and, above all, learn constantly of the music.

“I like to get out of my comfort zone. Sometimes artists have to experience other rhythms. I like the evolution, it gives me a lot of laziness to stay with the same songs. I don’t want to sing all of life’s ‘Cursed spring’, I love it, but I think that will still be able to sing new things. For me everything is a learning process, from which I record with a salsa, now with the urban music; each one has his style, I adapt to sing and move different. I also love to sing with young people, learn from them, refresh my career,” says Yuri.

Rubin adds: “What I see with artists that I really admire, like David Bowie, he was always current, re-inventing, they didn’t stay in your comfort zone; it is a necessity. It is interesting to play with all the colors of the palette, because sometimes one is limited, saying: ‘what am I?, I’m rock or I’m a pop’. And, no, I am a human being that feels, absorbs, and is in constant change. The mission of artists is to reinvent ourselves. The cells of our body every year it is rebuilt, I have changed and I would not be the same”.

In a telephone interview with M2, agree that the changes are born alone in the creative part, but there are others who come bound by what digital; especially now, when the confinement to the coronavirus forces them to connect with their audiences through the network.

“A couple of years ago, people already don’t want discs, everything is becoming more digital. Now it is from home. The time has made us change and evolve; it is up to us if we get or we stay. I love to live, digital is more cold; but if from now on you need to do so, I’ll have to adapt. I adapt to what life throws at you put it, that’s why I’m one of the eighties which is still valid and has more followers,” says the singer.

Says Erik: “Here the game is called adaptation, and it already marked a change, I think it’s going to be a before and an after this stage (the pandemic), in which we had to reinvent ourselves. Made us realize many things, one, that the virus we are, something we are not doing well and the Land we are putting a high; these stages are growth opportunity, longing that it be so, that we believe in awareness as humans and as artists, we find new ways”.

A lot of force

Take a few years, but both started at the end of the last century, have gone changes in social, technological and musical fashions, hence the lessons today help to maintain a career, solid. This time the only thing that has given them is strength, and that’s why, before saying farewell to highlight that you see standing in the music in a decade. “If God gives me life and health, I see myself singing, obviously, since I will not do the ridiculeces I do now”, he says between laughs Yuri. Rubin concludes: “It’s something that I’m going to die, I don’t want to leave out something as a solo artist”.


Yuri likes reggaeton, continues to Natti Natasha, Becky G, and Karol G. is Not going to be dedicated to the city, but she wanted to dance.


“Throughout the year” is a goal that meets the hand of Nio Garcia (“You I threw away”), mexican designers, wigs and a little bit of Cuba.


“Air and fire” by Erik Rubin is born of experience with a rhythmic pattern that takes you to the move, with a tap for you to enjoy.