Erik Grönwall talks about health after suspension of all Ghetto concerts: “Six months after transplant I started touring”

September 19, 2023 11:48 am Editorial published –

just a few days later slum they will be forced postpone your travel plans The third part of the album introduction “The gangs are all here” Due to health problems in the United States Eric Groenwallthe Swedish singer wanted to provide his followers with first-hand information about his current state, remembering that only “Six months after my transplant, I started touring”.

concerns caused by words “The utmost concern for health” The dissatisfaction with the singer was quickly subsided in the band’s release, with Grenwall humorously commenting a few hours later that he had strep throat, which he attributed to his immune system Weakness after infection. “I had a stem cell transplant on August 12, 2021.”

In his new video, Post on channel who usually shows us his Powerful Classic Cover The rock ‘n’ roll frontman commented that after a performance in New Jersey, without prior warning, he completely lost his voice: “I gave a great show, had a great night (Sept. 8 at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey), and then I went to bed and woke up and thought, ‘What the hell… ?It came from nothing. I woke up and I had no voice. He was gone. I couldn’t even warm up. But we did what we could until the last minute. It sucks because we’re here and we want to Show and do what we love, but when it gets postponed there are so many people affected by a decision like this. There are so many people involved in making this show and it makes me feel bad. But health comes first. I think everyone Everybody understands that.”

Eric goes into more detail about the process he had to go through Diagnosed acute leukemia Spring 2021, and the consequences it will logically continue to experience: “For those of you who don’t know, I had a bone marrow transplant two years ago and I have a new immune system, I have a new blood type – I’m brand new. My immune system is like it was two years ago. It’s me Things to deal with. I have to survive. Trust me, this is better than the alternative. It will take a while to build up resistance and immune system again.

Six months after my transplant, I started touring with Skid Row. Progressing well. But I need more time to recover. Suffice it to say, touring six months after a transplant, chemo and all that is not the norm. “My body and immune system obviously need more time to recover.”

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