Eriksen would leave Inter to play football again

Almost five months after that very tough episode of the Eurocup, when Christian eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest in the middle of the game between Denmark and Finland, the creative midfielder could return to the courts and it would be, nothing more and nothing less, than in a club in the Netherlands and where he was champion five times.

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As reported by the Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport, Inter Milan would part with the player due to Eriksen’s inability to play in Serie A due to the defibrillator implanted in your heart. In Italy, the health authorities do not allow professional play with the device that was installed by the doctors so that the former Tottenham can live and as a prevention so that what he experienced in the Euro is not repeated.

Eriksen could leave Inter (AFP)

Eriksen could leave Inter (AFP)

That medium further explained that the agreement would be convenient for both the player and the Milanese club, since, on the one hand, Eriksen, who wants to play again, will be able to do so without any impediment, and on the other, Inter, which is going through a difficult economic time due to the pandemic, would be free to pay one of your highest contracts.

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Thus, the Dane would be willing to give up the 7.5 million euros per year of his contract (he has three more years left) in exchange for being able to leave with the pass in his possession. It should be remembered that Inter paid $ 20 million to Tottenham for the player in 2020.

Under this panorama, the 29-year-old midfielder would return to Ajax Amsterdam, a team with which he achieved his best version before being transferred to Spurs in 2013. Also, there shared a team with Argentines Nicolás Tagliafico and Lisandro Martínez between 2009 and 2014. In that period he won three leagues, a Super Cup and a Netherlands Cup. In addition, this year he was champion of Serie A with Inter.

Eriksen at Ajax in 2012 (EFE)

Eriksen at Ajax in 2012 (EFE)

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Notably after the death of Davide Astori (2018), from Fiorentina, the physical requirements and standards in Italy became much stricter compared to other countries in the region, which generates that If the defibrillator that was implanted will be fixed, it is impossible for the player to be discharged. Instead, he could play in tournaments like those in England, the Netherlands and Denmark.

In this way, Eriksen could return to the Eredivisie, a competition that allows players to play their matches with a subcutaneous defibrillator in the heart. Thus, the Dane would not be the only player to play with an implant of this type at Ajax, Dutch Daley Blind, who suffered a similar situation in a Champions League match against Valencia in 2019, also carries a control device.

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