Erling Haaland got out of control: challenging and in Spanish he faced Rafael Santos Borré

They were all stares. A crossover that stole the scene. Two important characters and a situation, at least, curious, because one of the two protagonists responded in an unusual way. The fight between Erling haaland Y Rafael Santos Borré was one of the highlights of the clash between Eintracht Frankfurt Y Borussia Dortmund, for the day number 18 of the Bundesliga.

It was an intense match with a changing result. Because when everything led to believe that the game was resolved for Eintracht, thanks to the two goals of the Colombian Santos Borré, a blast from the visiting team in the last 20 minutes made it 3-2 for Dortmund.

But it was not the only thing that caught the attention, since in the last minutes of the match there was a tense cross between Haaland and Borré. In injury time, the Norwegian attacker took the ball close to the corner area so that the seconds passed and in that action the Colombian pushed him to try to take the ball from him, even in that struggle, Borré exceeded his strength and He ended up hitting Haaland already when he was on the floor.

The Norwegian giant got up fired up, faced the Colombian and when the screams, in Spanish, said: “What’s wrong with you? What’s the matter with you brother? In the midst of the madness, the Dortmund striker hit his chest and even took his genitals, trying to show that he had the courage to face this situation.

Erling Haaland had a spicy cross with Borré
Erling Haaland had a spicy cross with BorréMichael Probst – AP

Quickly, players from the two campuses approached to separate them, the conflict did not pass to greater and after less than a minute, the referee dispersed the players, admonished Borré, in the final seconds of the game that was played in the Deutsche Bank Park, the home of Eintracht Frankfurt.

The forward has already scored seven goals with the Eintracht shirt. In his 25 appearances in Frankfurt, Borré started 23 times: six goals were scored in the Bundesliga and the remainder made it into the group stage of the Europa League.

Dortmund turned it around thanks to the conquests of Hazard and the goals in the final three minutes by Bellingham and Dahoud that made it 3-2 for the triumph of those led by Marco Rose. With this victory, he ranks second in the championship with 37 points, six behind the leader Bayern Munich.

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