Erling Haaland is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo and his hunger for goals


Erling Haaland, of Borussia Dortmund, said his team-mate Giovanni Reyna will be one of the best players in the world, calling it “the american dream”, and has singled out Cristiano Ronaldo as an inspiration for your game.

Haaland, who finished eighth in the list of ESPN FC the 36 best players of 21 years of age and under, joined Dortmund in a contract of four and a half years in January after an awesome season at FC Salzburg.

The international of Norway said that he looked upon players as Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic when he played in his country of origin in search of inspiration.

“You could see on the face of Ronaldo that ‘today, I am the man’ and ‘today marcaré goals’ and that is what he did. That is what I like the most, how dedicated and hungry they are to succeed and be the man at the time, ” he said.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, the striker said that despite the fact that you still have to take the 17 year old girl to train, Reyna can go “to the top” of football.

“It will soon be 17 and a half years, so that at such a young age to be so calm with the ball and play for a team as big, it is very fascinating to see how calm he is and not care about anything, just gets to crowded in that,” said Haaland on the international youth of the united States.

Next to Haaland and Reyna, the international English 20 years old Jadon Sancho has called the attention of several clubs, with reports that he could leave Germany this summer in a deal worth £ 100 million.

“It is a fantastic player, and statistics don’t lie, what he has been doing for us this season, so it is a fantastic player and will improve even more,” said Haaland on the end.

“We are lucky to have him here.”

The status of Haaland has increased, in part, thanks to 10 goals in just seven appearances in the Champions League this campaign.

Scored both goals in the 2-1 victory over Dortmund on the Paris Saint-Germain in the first leg of the knockout stage of the Champions League, but they had to endure to the players of the PSG making a mockery of their traditional celebration of meditation back in the match which PSG won 2-0.

However, the young striker has said he would not bother the celebration.

“I think that helped me a lot to meditate on the world and show everyone that meditation is something that is important, so I’m grateful that you helped me with that,” he added.

Haaland has enjoyed a strong first season at Dortmund, scoring 12 times in 11 matches so far.

“Yes, it has been a very good start, and since my debut I’ve been enjoying it a lot and smiling a lot, and this kind of stuff and that is the most important of my life, smile a lot and this kind of stuff.” So, yes, that is what I try to do,” he said of his impressive start.

Haaland added that the support he has received in the Dortmund has made the transition easy.

“Yes, I feel that I am improving every day and now that game with teammates even better than I’ve played in Salzburg, with all due respect to Salzburg, but yes, you can find me in situations even better and this, so yes it has been good. Have been good first month, ” he said.

Haaland also said that he received vital advice as a player development coach of Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer while the two were together in Mölde.

“Yes, when I got to Mölde as a boy of 16 years, taught me many things from the first day, as you said, he was my coach and taught me many things,” he said.

“It was a front, I am a striker and has won the Champions League and that is also a dream for me, so that has been teaching me many skills of definition and small movements in the area and this kind of stuff.”