Esperanza Pintado, Dior perfume expert: “This is my simple trick to make perfume last longer”

To find out how to make a perfume last longer, or what notes a perfume should have to make it last longer, or whether in Spain there is a life beyond fresh perfume, we asked Painted HopeFragrance Ambassador of Spain and Portugal Dior.we do this during the inauguration pop up French company in Madrid british courts The fragrance launched by Serrano 47 will be available until October 7th and will bring surprises to the brand’s fragrances at the time of launch J’adore L’Or Follow aesthetic and unmistakable guidelines even has a lipstick stick As well as express makeup touch-ups and personalized bracelets.The journey of this unique ephemeral space ends with its main attraction, namely Refik Anadolthe artist who changed the magic of flowers true self As incredible an image as the perfume.

If you spray more perfume, will the fragrance last longer?
I’m not going to distribute it more, I’m going to distribute it to different points. I think if we want to leave a mark and not put a lot of perfume in the same place, what we should do is distribute it. Most importantly, my tip is to always use a body cream or scented body product as your base. This is the ideal technique for smelling more, better.
Tips for making our perfume smell longer
I have a personal tip and that is to always apply perfume on the inside of my arms because when they move, it rises again and I enjoy it again. On sweater sleeves, on coats… even in normal winter I like to put a little perfume on the lining of my coat.
How to choose the perfume that lasts the longest? What notes should a perfume have to last longer?
Logically, perfumed water will have a higher olfactory concentration, but the type of olfactory family of the perfume also has an impact. For example, woods and spices stick to the skin much better than some flowers. Some flowers like tuberose or jasmine have strong benefits for the skin. Fruity perfumes tend to be lighter, while spicy or amber scents are more long-lasting and stay on the skin longer.

Esperanza Pintado, Dior perfume expert.Courtesy of Dior.

How best to apply perfume on dry or damp skin?
I would say, on dry skin, because if you don’t, as the water evaporates, so will the perfume. But if we shower or bathe with a scented gel, it makes a very interesting perfume base that we can use afterwards. Therefore, more suitable for dry skin, but the scent is excellent if we have used a gel, if not, the ideal option is a moisturizer and then apply our perfume.
How do we develop our taste for scents and perfumes?
Flavors are introduced to us bit by bit during childhood, teaching us to taste and accept a variety of flavours. Yet rarely do we hear someone accompanying a boy or girl say, look, it smells like the sea, or that they regularly walk through the countryside smelling of herbs. Smell is the most important sense for survival. And he is the only one who can bring us happiness. Therefore, I recommend starting to teach how to smell and distinguish, for example, at home, distinguish one type of pepper from another, or teach children how to smell, which is often an unsolved subject.
Is there life beyond citrus fruits? It seems we’re always more attracted to fresh fragrances…
In the Mediterranean, we have a citrus tradition thanks to the Arabs. They brought citrus fruits throughout the Mediterranean. This is why Sicily, Italy and Spain are very important suppliers of citrus fruits in perfumes. In our country we assume so, maybe that’s the way to go without risking it. Just like clothes. If I don’t know what to wear, I wear black. If I didn’t know how to perfume myself, I would choose a citrus scent, which wouldn’t bother anyone. Everyone will admit this. That doesn’t mean I think there’s little information out there about the gem status of fine citrus in perfumery. In fact, 99% of Dior fragrances contain citrus, but it’s not necessarily the star. In other words, citrus can bring laughter, like I’ve heard my nose speak or smile without being seen. By this I am not saying that citrus fruits are easy and citrus perfumes are in another category. There are some citrus perfumes that are masterpieces, but I think the fear of choice and risk arises when one doesn’t know what perfume to wear and only dares to wear citrus perfumes.

On the occasion of the launch of its new fragrance L’Or de J’adore, Dior has just opened a temporary space at Serrano 47.Dior.

Is there a trend towards soft floral gourmet scents right now?
Well, perfume, like fashion, sewing, follows trends. In fact, today we associate a lot of aromas that are directly related to the taste buds and are very addictive, like vanilla, caramel… I think they are really becoming fashionable. But there’s definitely a trend towards a softer sweet aroma than we’re used to.
If one fragrance is successful and another is not so successful, what does it depend on?
It’s more complicated than it seems. Furthermore, you take risks because everything depends on the moment. Some great perfumes have passed away at some point, without pain or glory. Maybe the launch wasn’t powerful enough, and in other ways, it wasn’t the right time at all. I know some perfumes that get retired after a while and then I realize they were ahead of their time. It was too early for them to understand each other. Of course, what isn’t sold doesn’t exist. It’s a shame, but it’s very difficult.So really, every successful perfume is a miracle, for the survival of the perfume, it’s like true selfAfter 24 years, it has achieved complete success.

Dior J’adore L’Or perfume (€166).Dior.

What’s your favorite scent? What would you recommend this fall?
This year I fell in love with Lore of true self Dior. Plus, since I have a part of my Andalusian heritage there because of the orange blossoms, I felt great. I associate it with cleanliness and gentleness. So this fall I recommend white flowers, lots of orange blossom, and of course lots of perfume to make you feel more groomed and protected.

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The best fragrances for fall are less citrusy and more floral because they can put you in a good mood.

The best fragrances for fall are less citrusy and more floral because they can put you in a good mood.

The first flavor that comes to mind.
Because I’m from Murcia and in my country everything is eaten with lemon. I thought of citrus. This is one of the first scents I encountered in my life. It also excited me in a way because it led me to my first discovery of smell.

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