Espinoza Paz Wants to Improve His Appearance Through Cosmetic Surgery

Espinoza Paz

The singer says he would like to look like Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt.

Espinoza Paz became a trend when he published a survey among his followers on the networks, to whom he asked if it was necessary to have cosmetic surgery to look like a Hollywood star.

“I’m like this right now, after the facial recommendation I hope to stay like this”, and an arrow points to a photo of actor Brad Pitt. Then he asks: “If I had to ask for permission for a facial remodeling, would you give it to me?”, And the word yes or no.

His fans began to comment, and the vast majority told him that nothing needed to be done, that it looked great like that.

Later it became known that it was all about an advertising campaign for his new single ‘Que no se caiga el rhythm’, a subject in which the artist addresses the issue of cosmetic surgeries.

Espinoza Paz thus announces his return, after he took a break in his career in 2016, and now he returns with new songs and new energies.