Espinoza told us in the first half that it was a penalty

And then he insisted: “We knew we were coming to a difficult court, he becomes strong on his court, he comes with an important clean and jerk from many dates that placed him at the top. Every so often we have to go back to being what we were. The team showed the face we want it to show. In the second half they did not kick us into the goal, come to this field and get kicked by Defense with the entire hierarchy of the team, we are leaving with a bitter taste because we had the game under control and we missed two points “.

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When asked about the evolution of the injured, Domínguez ignored that we are going to put the best team we have at our disposal. We had one less day off than Defense, we played almost 70 ‘with a man less the previous game. We will wait to put the best on Friday. “

And then he added: “In the belief and if everything continues as it comes, by Friday we will be able to count on everyone. Let’s wait for the evolutions of Delgado, Goltz and Farías, if they are prepared to play, we do not despair and we want them to be 100% to play” .

Already in the final section he took several minutes to talk about the arbitration, especially the performance of Espinoza and the charges that they have to have in Argentine soccer.

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“At halftime Espinoza told us that it was penal to Beltrán, you have to keep playing, competing, first he hits Federico on the leg and then the ball on the arm. It is interpretation, but when the regulation is clear. They say it is not a penalty and they charge us a penalty, when they hold a player it is a penalty and yet they did not penalize us. “

But everything did not stop there, because Barba fired: “In Argentine football we are used to interpretation, one weekend they tell us one thing and the other another. Pitana directed the final of the Copa Libertadores, he told me one thing and then he did another, because he is Argentina. “

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