Esselunga presents “Friends of School and Sports”

After distributing more than 118 million euros to Italian schools, the program is expanding to the world of sports.

Esselung’s new community program was unveiled today in Rome, changing from “Friends of School” to “Friends of School and Sports”.

Esselunga presents “Friends of School and Sports”

Speakers at the press conference were: Giovanni Malago, President of the Italian National Olympic Committee, Roberto Selva, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations of Esselunga, as well as with the participation of Antilai Sandrini, athlete of the Italian national breaking team,

Emanuele Lambertini, fencer of the Italian Paralympic team, world team foil champion and world foil champion Tommaso Marini in Milan 2023.

Esselunga, which has been supporting Italian schools since 2015, is extending its support to the world of sports as of this year, allowing amateur sports clubs recognized by CONI, the Italian National Olympic Committee, and CIP, the Italian Paralympic Committee, to receive free equipment and sports materials.

From September 11 to November 19, when shopping in Esselunga stores or through the website, it will be possible to receive “Friends of School” and “Sports” vouchers, which each customer can choose to allocate to a school or, as for the first time this year release, for one of the sports clubs among those who will join the program.

Eight years after its launch, Esselunga has distributed over 118 million euros worth of educational materials and IT equipment to more than 14,000 Italian schools, an important result that has served as a driving force for its expansion in the world of sports.

A way to specifically address the needs of the many amateur sports organizations present in the area. Roberto Selva, Director of Marketing and Customer Relations at Esselunga, commented:

“With Amici di scuola e dello sport, Esselunga reaffirms its commitment to the territory and communities, supporting sport as a means of education, growth and the exchange of values. Thank you also for your cooperation with CONI and CIP,” he continues. Roberto Selva “We can increase the social value of this initiative, which is aimed at supporting mass sports, small businesses where sports passion is cultivated, and places where talent is born.”

By collecting vouchers, sports clubs and schools will be able to choose from a catalog full of quality prizes covering team and individual sports such as balls, goals, baskets, dance equipment, martial arts, weights, obstacles and sportswear.

The selected sporting products are useful for training, exercise and competitive performance in a variety of sports, with the aim of creating an inclusive context in which athletes can engage in training in an active and stimulating manner. With the project “Friends of School and Sports”, Esselunga strengthens the collaboration with CONI and CIP and continues the path aimed at the development of Italian sports, consolidated by the partnership with the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2026 in Milan Cortina and with FIFA Lo. Sport is passion and dedication. , devotion.

Sports activities have always evoked a healthy and balanced lifestyle and attention to nutrition, which the company, manufacturer and retailer, promotes both in what it offers to its customers and in the creation of special initiatives.

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