Essential and chic, it’s the perfect choice for every moment

Ponytail: easy, catchy and trendy solution for the summer of 2023

Easy, chic and always trendy: one of the most popular hairstyles of summer 2023 peak This is definitely one of the indispensable and favorite hairstyles of anyone, even by celebrities who have decided to flaunt it in important social events as well. This hairstyle is always agreat choiceeven for the inexperienced because it’s very easy and simple to make And the effect it gives is wow. you can choose between many variations And diversify every occasion, from the simplest to the most elegant and formal: you can opt for a high or low ponytail with waves, braids or even more braids.

Ponytail: Here are some more cheeky versions of the ponytail

Ponytail is a great option to look glamorous and trendy, Its success is also certainly due to a good dose of practicality which actually allows clean and tidy in no time, The ponytail also has the power to surprise as it gives hair a look that is capable of mesmerizing with minimal effort. Existence different versions of this hairstyle and here is a selection of the most summer 2023 trends, Of these high ponytail This is definitely one of the trends of the summer. This style has conquered the most famous stars including Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, Ariana Grande Who have decided to flaunt it even at important events. but if you want to give this look a touch, maybe a little more cheekyit has to be done a peak or more peaksas he did for example Paola Turani, In fact, braided ponytail This is one of the sportiest lines of this year. Simple and versatile, it’s also pretty for evening.

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Have another successful hairstyle low ponytaili.e low ponytail, It is glamorous, elegant and perfect to flaunt on special occasions as well. as well as its strength practicality And this speed of realization, It can be worn in many ways: super tightas in the case of the influencer geneva mavilaor with one style scatteredTogether unruly strands on the sides The length of the face and almost electrified. In short, the versions of the ponytail are endless and it has always been the most practical and versatile hairstyle that allows you to protect yourself from the worst. bad hair day, A hairstyle that enhances long and medium hair, curly or straight, to show off for any occasion.

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