Estefanía Pérez Herrera seeks solidarity to get the medical supplies her daughter needs.

Estefanía Perez, Request for Solidarity.
Estefanía Pérez Herrera seeks solidarity to get the medical supplies her daughter needs.

On Hexa Radio’s new show “No Te Duermas”, co-produced with Periódico SIC and Diario NCO, from 10 to 12 o’clock, Estefanía Pérez Herrera is interviewed as she seeks solidarity to get the medical supplies her daughter needs.

Paula Tevez Barrera

On Hexa Radio’s radio show “No Te Duermas”, which aired from 10 to 12, they interview Estefanía Pérez Herrera, a mother from Tokyo, a four-month-old girl who shares her daughter’s difficult situation and her constant growth . Work hard to obtain medical supplies needed for treatment.

“She had bronchospasm and we came to the guards and they took care of her and she was hospitalized. We were on duty that time and they weren’t there and they caught us off guard again and we went for treatment and we were there for two and a half months , they had to intubate her,” she laments.

Tokyo was born with a condition in which his belly button didn’t fully close, causing a stomach crisis that left his intestines exposed. He is currently receiving continuous medical care and monitoring at Posadas Hospital, where he has spent nearly three months.

The mother explained, “She was in the neonatology unit for a month and a half, also intubated, on medication, hooked up to a machine. We went home and she was there for 19 days with special care and then we came back with bronchitis Yes, because my baby has a cold too, and it’s making her miserable.

Economic and medical hardship: The fight over supplies

They generally needed access to special medical supplies to care for Tokyo, who underwent a tracheotomy and was released from the hospital requiring oxygen and other essential elements. “After intubation, he needed some special things for the tracheostomy. They were quite expensive supplies”, he emphasized.

Without these materials, the girl cannot be discharged from the hospital, but the hospital cannot provide them to the family either. “Also, it’s going to take a long time, and being there for another four or three months, she could get other viruses, other bacteria, and she does that and she goes back on medication again,” he said.

Estefanía’s financial situation is complicated because she is a single mother of three and only has two of her children as income. Further complicating the situation is the detention of Tokyo’s father. The little girl needs a total of 15 medical supplies, such as sterile gloves, gauze, hydrogen peroxide, etc. In addition, a backpack with oxygen and a manual suction are essential to their care.

ID documents in Tokyo have not yet been processed. In this regard, the mother said: “After I finished the matter, we thought about going to make documents for him after he left. Our idea is to let them come here to do this in the hospital, so she has brought All papers left because they will give her a disability card, which will be another favor for her.”

Solidarity Appeal: Vital support for treatment in Tokyo

Estefanía explained that the entire documentation process took two to four months. Sadly, in many cases, families are unable to obtain necessary supplies for their children, with tragic consequences. More recently, the situation was further aggravated by the unfortunate incident of a girl who had been waiting for supplies for nine months, who also contracted COVID-19.

To this situation, I added, “The first thing I did after it happened was publish with my family. People from all over the world started donating and talking to me. They gave me gauze, gloves, donated With the money, we can use the money to buy equipment.”

Estefania launched a solidarity appeal on social networks, aiming to raise funds to buy necessary medical supplies, thus offering Tokyo the possibility to continue treatment at home. «With the help of the people who helped me, we were able to buy a piece of equipment worth 125,000 pesos. But we still need more help with other necessities,” Estefania said.

Tokio’s story and Estefanía’s determination to provide her with the best possible care touched many who joined this charity. Donations and support from the community have been critical to Tokyo being able to be discharged and continue treatment in a safe environment.

If you are interested in supporting the Tokio family, you can donate to a Mercado Pago account in the name of Luis Alberto Pérez using the alias DIGO.BONO.TEMA.MP. Any contribution, no matter how small, can make a big difference in the life of this girl and her mother.

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