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Ester Exposito copies ‘the body’ of Kim Kardashian

That Ester Exposito (21) She was going to go far in her professional career, we had it very clear since we saw her playing the role of Carla in ‘Elite’, however, we did not expect that in such a short time she would become an international star that would occupy magazine covers. And, if a few months ago it was the ‘Bellomag’ magazine The one in charge of turning her into a ‘cover girl’ in the United States for the January 2021 issueNow it is Harper’s Bazaar that has chosen the actress to open the October issue of the Mexican edition.

But what most caught our attention was not the cover photo itself, but the look that Ester wears in it with that corset that simulates a ‘six pack’ more defined than that of Thor and Mario Casas together.

If you are wondering why this photo looks like it has a very Kardashian aesthetic You have to know that you have a very good eye, because it is a styling Dive to which he led Kim Kardashian (40) at her Christmas Eve dinner last year. The corset, which is from the Italian brand Schiaparelli, is what most attracts the attention of the look, but as you can see, the skirt also has many similarities with that of the owner of Skims.

Of course, We are more than used to looks from Ester, and you only need to go back to the recent Venice Film Festival to see it. In it, the actress wore a mega-glued strap dress with shapes and transparencies that ended with a tail of feathers that fit her spectacularly. The design was signed by Versace and even Donatella herself was freaked out by how the actress knew how to defend it.

As accessories, Ester opted for Bulgari jewelry in silver: a snake-shaped bracelet that ran down her arm, a similar ring and hoop earrings. As for the hair, a simple and very flattering straightening with a side parting.

We do not know if Kim will meet Ester or will be a fan of ‘Elite’, but we are sure that she has been the inspiration of the actress for this look.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: Helen@oicanadian.com Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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