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“Estoy harta de ti”: video of Kylie Jenner arguing in Spanish is revived

Fans were impressed by Kylie Jenner’s great pronunciation!

There are many curiosities of Kylie Jenner that few fans know. Despite being one of the most popular celebrities internationally currently, the youngest of the Kardashians is a box full of secrets, so every day she surprises her millions of fans around the world with some new photograph or video.

Kylie Jenner without makeup
Photo: Instagram

Some time ago, netizens discovered that the creator of Kylie Cosmetics can speak Spanish, and best of all, she speaks it super fluently! It was through a video “arguing” with her stylist that fans heard Kylie speaking our language for the first time.

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“I’m sick of you”: video of Kylie arguing in Spanish is revived

Although Kylie and her Latino stylist were playing, the video in which they appear “arguing” went viral a few months ago because of how well the billionaire spoke in Spanish, it has an excellent pronunciation!

“Shut your mouth please,” Kylie tells her. He replies, “Don’t even talk to me like that, don’t talk to me!” Later, Kylie tells him, “I’m sick of you,” but when he replied “Explain to me why you’re sick of me,” she was unarmed and said, “no” with a laugh.

Play the video!

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After watching the video, some users pointed out that the businesswoman even hears much better speaking in Spanish than in English.

“What a comedian,” “You hear better talking in Spanish,” wrote a couple of netizens, while another American girl wrote, “Me after seeing Elite.”

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