Eternals: Who is Tiamut? This is the gigantic celestial 480 km high

Eternals It has just come out of the Marvel Studios oven, as they say, allowing Spanish viewers and those around the world to advance one step further within this ambitious Phase 4 that they propose to us from the House of Ideas. A story that has allowed us to meet the eternal, humanoid aliens that come from the planet Olympia, while delving deeper into who the celestials are. Matt Aiken, Special Effects Supervisor at Eternals, wanted to share details about TiamutKnown as the Sleeping Celestial, he is the greatest of all these cosmic entities. And it is also in the film.

Eternals: Looking to fit the size of Tiamut on the big screen

In a new interview with ComicBook, Aiken has been commissioned to analyze the design of Tiamut. We are talking about a Celestial, an ancestral cosmic entity within the Marvel universe, which is characterized in comics by its exaggerated size. A very striking issue that they had to translate into film language … which resulted in the configuration of a character about 300 miles tall.

“The most important thing that came to mind is the immense scale of Tiamut,” explains Aiken in the interview. “It’s 100 kilometers from his hand to his head. I think it’s 500 kilometers, about 300 miles, from his head to his toes, so it’s pretty big.” An immensity that had to enter the big screen, so to speak: “We had to find a language on that scale that would help explain what is huge and very large“.

Tiamut, the celestial m

But who is Tiamut?

After having seen Eternals, now is the time to recap: the celestials first arrived from the hand of Jack Kirby and made their debut in Eternals # 2 in 1976. Since then they have presented themselves as gigantic entities; ancestral beings who experimented with the creation of life: what gave rise to the eternals and the deviants. His greatest enemy is Knull, an evil god who vowed to destroy them all … and it is possible that in the future we can see him as the great villain to beat in the UCM.

Tiamut, specifically, first appears in Eternals # 18 and is considered as one of the most powerful Celestials of all. In the film, it is the Celestial who appears asleep on planet Earth and we can see him in that impressive scene where his limbs appear sticking out of the ground. Taking into account the number of questions you have left open Eternals on the big screen, we’ll probably see these giants more in future installments. Perhaps, without going any further, we can see them again in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

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