Ethan Hawke filmed a sex scene… with his daughter Maya! Background from the filming of Wildcat

Ethan Hawke in the last few hours, he spoke about the special experience he had with his daughter Maya on the set of the film. wild cata film that will see them collaborate for the first time as director and actress.

The project will be a biopic about controversial American writer Flannery O’Connor, played by Maya Hawke. According to the actor and director, filming the film also included some sex scenes.

In short, Ethan Hawke would be in a situation where he would have to film his daughter in some hot scenes, a circumstance he could create. more than embarrassment in all the talent involved, starting with the two actors involved in these scenes, Rafael Casal and Cooper Hoffman.

In a recent interview with Diversity Ethan Hawke revealed background experience showing that both he and his daughter were completely at ease:

We needed to take care of Rafael and Cooper. I think it was strange for them. What about us we felt very comfortable. I didn’t care.

Words that were supported by the words of Maya herself, who added with hint of irony:

We made sure we had an intimacy coordinator on set. To make them feel safe and comfortable and not feel that way spied…anxious father.

A situation that also arises from the desire to somehow convey aspects dissolute life lived by the main character. In this regard, Ethan stated:

Young actresses rarely have the opportunity to be brilliant, complex, naughty, sexy, asexual. Do films about imperfect women it’s difficult.

In a previous interview, Maya made no secret of her enthusiasm for the opportunity to work on set with her father, who is a real professional model:

I hope to work with my father for the rest of my life. He is my greatest teacher and my greatest advisor, and I am honored to work with him.

wild cat was sent Ethan Hawkeand also co-wrote the script with Shelby Gaines. Maya Hawke also serves as executive producer. In addition to the latter, they are also present in the cast. Rafael Casal, Cooper Hoffman, Laura Linney, Philip Ettinger, Steve Zahn, Vincent D’Onofrio AND Alessandro Nivola. The film premiered on September 1 at the 50th Telluride Film Festival. It was later also screened at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival on September 11th.

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