Ethan Hawke on video about complicity with daughter Maya

“Accused” of being alone non-pop babythat is, the daughter of art, who, thanks to her parents, made it easier to live in the world of entertainment, Maya Hawke (25 years old), decided to embrace this new identity by working with Father for a dramatic film.

Movie together

The film, written and directed by Ethan Hawke, is called wild catand tells the story of an American writer Flannery O’Connor and the hard work on his first novel. Father and daughter spoke to Variety in an open and playful conversation that highlighted their relationship.

Ethan Hawke not-dad

“It was Maya’s idea,” the actor said proudly. “Basically, I non-dad“, – he then added. Maya is the first daughter of Hawke and Uma Thurman, she has a younger brother. Levon, 21 years old. He, too, unsurprisingly, immersed himself in the world of acting and, along with his mother, participated in Cannes Film Festival Last spring.

How is Kardashian?

Maybe that’s why Maya jokes and says, “We’re an indie and boring version of a family.” Kardashianwhich makes the father laugh. The interview also revealed the moment (which went viral) when the 52-year-old actor was caught on the sidelines flirting with Rihanna or, as Maya reminds him, sarcastically: “Tried to flirt with Rihanna.”

Jokes about father and daughter

Finally, it’s not even as sexy an icon of the nineties as Ethan Hawke she can avoid the good-natured ridicule of her older daughter, who tries to imitate her father, who answers video calls by screaming and being surprised every time that she can see her children on the screen, even if they are far away.

Always in the family

With such understanding wild cat (which premiered at the Telluride Film Festival on September 1 and will be presented on September 11 at the Toronto Film Festival) will be a success, and who knows if father and daughter will soon decide to work together again, perhaps also with Levon.


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