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Ethereum scam steals $ 22 million

From the United Kingdom comes news in the world of cryptocurrencies, in this case with scams that are constantly replicated around the world.

Police have seized $ 22.2 million worth of cryptocurrencies after discovering a fraud scheme that affects people around the world. They have found USB sticks that contain large amounts of Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin.

The scheme misled people in Europe, the United States, China, Australia, and Hong Kong. The victims deposited money using Binance Smart Chain, believing that it was a genuine savings and trade service.

At the moment two people were arrested, both for fraud and money laundering, but they have been released under investigation. The money was found on both USB sticks and an online safe.

The risk of cryptocurrencies

Working with cryptocurrencies is working with their anonymous and international nature, and that makes it easy to launder money and use it for terrorism, tax fraud and drug trafficking. That does not mean that all transactions are like this, most are legitimate, but fraud abounds when anonymity appears.

Now they are trying to find the rightful owners of the money they found, but precisely that anonymity makes the task difficult.

Some of the fraud victims have already turned up. One of them told the police that she had been working with crypto for many years and that it really seemed like a legitimate service. Still, victims want to remain anonymous when speaking to the press. This victim in question will get 90 percent of his investment back, but if the rest of the money is not claimed, he will receive the full amount.

It will be necessary to have more control over the issue, to have police prepared to track these actions and to be able to find the victims when something like this happens, but as the cryptocurrency network is set up, this work is very difficult.

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