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Ethereum would be the best investment of the last 20 years: why it trades so much and what it is like

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to tempt Argentine investors and savers. Beyond the crypto star, Bitcoin, which seems to be taking flight again as far as price is concerned; other altcoins or altcoins also want to fight.

Blockchain expert and former Goldman Sachs investor Raoul Pal recently considered that to buy Ethereum is the best investment of your life. Ethereum is the best investment of the last 20 years.

“Basically, there’s a 13% of all free float Ethereum available. Everything else is being staked, blocked, and hoarded. They have only made the most difficult offer. The offer is less. Ethereum that is on free-float is falling every day … Most people are going to start staking what they have. There is no availability. AND the demand is going to be exponential. The exponential demand, meets the fixed supply, is equal to exponential price rise. One of the best montages I’ve seen, “explained the expert.

The total number of Ethereum available to be purchased is now only 13%.

Users seem to agree. According to UK crypto exchange CoinJar, Ethereum has already surpassed Bitcoin in almost all metrics. In a blog post the exchange stated that Ethereum is already outperforming Bitcoin in the number of transactions , the total value of transactions, daily active wallets, transaction fees and the mining income.

According to Coinbase’s Q2 report, the Ethereum transaction volume surpassed that of Bitcoin by first time in its nine-year history. ETH trading accounted for 26% of total volume in Q2, compared to 21% of the previous three months, and more than 24% of Bitcoin in that period.

Today Ethereum is trading at $ 3,293 according to Coinmarketcap with a market capitalization of US $ 19,422,911,419 (or what is the same, almost 5 million ETH).

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