EU authorized test for coronavirus; gives results in less than 15 minutes


Washington.- The authorities of United Statess have been given the green light in the last few hours of a test to diagnose Covid-19manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Abbott, which offers results in less than fifteen minutes.

The Food and Drug Administration of USA (FDA, its acronym in English) approved on Friday night by this test for the use of urgency.

In its notice, the FDA explains that the test is for “detecting the nucleic acid RNA (ribonucleic acid) viral SARS-CoV-2 in direct sampling nasal, nasopharyngeal, and throat, as well as on swabs extracted from nasal, nasopharyngeal and throat viral transport media from individuals suspected of COVID-19”.

For his part, Abbot said in a statement that the test can offer positive results in five minutes, and negative in 13.

The pharmaceutical company added that the tests will be available next week for health care facilities designated in the U.S., and we intend to deliver to 50,000 tests per day at the country’s health system. It also expects to produce around five million tests a month.

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The tests are portable and can be practiced outside of hospitals.

“The pandemic of COVID-19 will be tackled from multiple fronts, and a test molecular a laptop that offers results in minutes added to a wide range of diagnostic solutions that are needed to combat the virus,” said the president of Abbott, Robert Ford.

The responsible person stressed that these tests can be practised in places of patient care “outside the four walls of a traditional hospital in the hot spots of the outbreak”.

This Friday, the U.S., which registers the highest number of hiv infections at the global level, it surpassed the barrier of 100,000 cases detected.

According to the data of the Johns Hopkins University, USA has 104.837 cases; followed by Italy, with 86.498; and China, with 81.996.

Six days ago, the FDA authorized the emergency use of another test to diagnose in approximately 45 minutes COVID-19, manufactured by Cepheid. EFE

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