EU recorded record daily deaths, and infections of COVID-19


The progress of the pandemic coronavirus in United Statesthe country that has more cases officially declared to be of the disease, reached on Saturday set new records, according to figures revealed by the Johns Hopkins University.

In the course of the last 24 hours, occurred other 453 deaths per COVID-19, the highest number relieved in a day until now, bringing the total to a thousand 891 from the beginning of the pandemic.

The united states is still behind in number of deaths Italy (10 thousand 023), Spain (five thousand 812), China (three thousand 299) and France (two thousand and 317), according to the same survey.

The country presents, from Thursday, the greatest number of cases of coronavirus officially registered in the world, with a total of 115 thousand 547, 21 thousand 309 more (+23%) in 24 hours, which represents another record high, according to the university.

Become the epicentre of the pandemic in the country, the state of New York is the most cases recorded, about 50 thousand, to the point that the president Donald Trump said Saturday that discusses the possibility of putting the territory in quarantine.



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