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Eugenio Chicas takes his personal campaign against the Bitcoin Law to the streets of the capital

After the peculiar form of rejection against the cryptocurrency that the former Secretary of Communications of Capres showed in the Assembly last Thursday; this Saturday he went to the streets to give continuity to his protest. He says that the deputies should create a commission to analyze the effects of Bitcoin and not make “soap opera commissions”

Eugenio Chicas, former Secretary of Communications of the Presidency in the administration of former President Salvador Sánchez Cerén and former magistrate president of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE), took to the streets this Saturday to show his rejection against the implementation of Bitcoin.

Girls began to distribute a sticker rejecting the cryptocurrency to the motorists who circulated in the area. In the middle of the street in the vicinity of Plaza El Salvador del Mundo, Chicas said that the feeling of citizens is against virtual currency and their action is to note that the population is afraid of the use of Bitcoin imposed by the government from of September.

PHOTOS: Eugenio Chicas and his peculiar protest against Bitcoin in the Assembly commission

His crusade began last Thursday when the former official arrived at the Assembly with a necklace around his neck hanging a sticker with the symbol of rejection of Bitcoin. This peculiar way of protesting against the virtual currency was noticed by the pro-government deputies, but did not comment, since the New Ideas parliamentarians were waiting for him eager to question him about the funds granted to an NGO, of which they assure, he was a member and that it received funds from the State.

“It is an initiative that arises as a result of my appearance in the Legislative Assembly and the concern that arises around that telenovela that the Assembly carries with the NGOs, is an accessory issue with respect to the real problems that the legislature should be discussing”, Girls told El Diario de Hoy.

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As he said, he made them see that day that they cited him that one of the true national issues is Bitcoin, for which there should be a legislative commission that “analyzes the negative and disastrous effects that it can bring to the population and to the economy in general of the country ”.

He pointed out that there is already an important movement of people on social networks who are joining the generalized discontent of citizens about the risk involved in giving legal tender to the virtual currency of Bitcoin and looking for the government to reflect.

“At least I would think that the government has the challenge of suspending the measure of the circulation of this cryptocurrency, I think it is still time to go back,” said Chicas.

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He added that the Executive cannot ignore the fact that opinion polls show the people’s rejection of this financial instrument, added to the warning from different international organizations that the instability of the currency could put the national economy in trouble.

Girls assures that the acceptance of the people this Saturday was positive and that next week they will see it in other parts of the capital encouraging citizens to have the courage to show their rejection of Bitcoin.

He said that in social networks there are already movements that are doing activities to design t-shirts, caps and more stickers as a peaceful way to protest against cryptocurrency.

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