Eugenio Derbez boasts the impressive resemblance between Aitana and her grandmother Silvia Derbez

The Mexican actor revealed that the genes of the Derbez family are really impressive

Although Eugenio Derbez has boasted on several occasions the great resemblance that all his children share, this time he surprised on social networks with a video in which he explained that his youngest daughter is identical to Silvia Derbez, his mother.

It was through a video published on his official TikTok account, where the Mexican actor published a video in which he made a comparison between grandmother and granddaughter, which surprised millions of fans and especially her son Vadhir .

The images of Alessandra Rosaldo’s daughter were compared with some photographs from the Mexican actress’s youth, who died in 2002, while the clip advances to the rhythm of “In my life”, a classic of the Beatles, she left discovered that the genes of the Derbez family are truly impressive and that beauty is inherited from the comedian’s mother.

The video, which was also shared within her official Instagram account, has registered nearly a million views, as well as thousands of comments in which followers assured that Silvia Derbez was born again.

“ Incredible the resemblance. Beautiful “,” What an impression “,” His mother was born again in his daughter “,” How beautiful doña Silvia Dérbez and her granddaughter Aitana look just like her “,” The resemblance is impressive “,” The strong genes are not from Eugenio, are from Doña Silvia “,” Just like her grandmother Silvia “, are some messages that the Hollywood actor received.

However, one of the first to react to the clip was Vadhir Derbez, who, surprised, assured: ” To the mother … Aitana is My Grandmother .”


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