Euphoria 3, Sam Levinson reveals first plot details

Will the world of Euphoria become more and more corrupt? Sam Levinson tells fans what to expect!

Little is known about the upcoming third season of the series. Euphorialong delayed due to scheduling conflicts, now appears to be stuck in limbo due to actors and writers’ strikes. In the new cover story Elle on Zendayahowever, the series creator Sam Levinson broke the silence by offering some juicy information that will make fans very happy!

Sam Levinson’s statement on Euphoria 3


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Sam Levinson says he’s envisioning a third season Euphoria as “film noir”, showing that through Ryu’s eyes, “will explore what it means to be a man of principle in a corrupt world.” The conversation about the main actress, whose heroine struggles with addiction, is largely based on Levinson’s personal experience. “He is the most competitive person I know, in a good way. He is constantly growing as an artist and is always looking for new challenges. He never calms down.”.

The end of the second season of the series Euphoria gave a glimmer of hope as Zendaya is drug-free and serves Lexi (Maud Apatow). Meanwhile, the police are searching the house. Fesco (Angus Cloud) AND Ashtray (Javon Walton), the last of which was apparently shot after the officer was wounded. Nate (Jacob Elordi) tries to correct his mistakes, while Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) AND Maddie (Alexa Demi) face the challenges of their friendship.

In August 2022 barbie ferreira (who interprets Kat Hernandez) announced on Instagram that he was leaving euphoria, letter “After four years of playing the most special and mysterious character, I have to say goodbye with tears in my eyes”. angus cloudwho played the charismatic drug dealer and friend of Ryu Fesco, died last July at the age of 25.

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