Euphoria 3 season sled: here is the away date

bad news for fans Excitement, series signed by Sam Levinson: The release of the third season may take longer than expected. On hand to report the painful announcement, which pertains to one of HBO’s most anticipated productions, was Francesca Orsi, the network’s head of dramatic series.

It’s a year ago the second season’s release date Excitementacclaimed teen drama Put signature on Sam Levinson, During the past chapters, the series has been able to bring home many Emmy Awardstwo of them A for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Zendayathanks to his intense performance as Rue Bennett,

euphoria 3 sled
Sledge Euphoria 3: Bad News for the Fans – Velvetmag

Already the second installment of the episodes was slowed down due to the restrictions due to the health emergency COVID-19, Now the situation may get worse in the next season writers strike announced a month ago Writers Guild of AmericaRepresentative body of television and film writers.

third chapter of Excitement Therefore, according to the words of, can go much beyond the expected period francis bear, the head of the HBO drama series. In fact, here’s what was reported later and when the new season of the show might arrive.

Euphoria 3 Slide again: Tick the new date and it won’t please fans

Sam Levinson’s name recently made a comeback – or because of – Sculpture, series of new scams Co-produced with Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Reza Faheem. World Premiere of the first two episodes Cannes Film Festival 2023 It seems to have caused quite a stir, dividing critics due to the content being considered controversial.

Even more controversial, however, would be the fact that HBO focused primarily on the new show—which had been on standby for some time, due to a number of problems already in the pre-production phase—”splitting”. Excitement, The acclaimed teen drama may now be paying the price for a strike called a month ago that is leading to the postponement of several titles.

euphoria 3 release date
When Could Euphoria 3 Be Out: Here’s The Date – VelvetMag

In this sense intervened Francesca Orsi, who decided to share an update on the series, also revealing new and final release date, The head of HBO said: “Euphoria is one of those shows that we started writing on The Idol as well as post-production, but we don’t have countless scripts at this point. we can’t start rollingSo the distribution of that series – ideally in 2025 – To be decided based on when we can resume work with Sam, who is currently not writing and is just completing post-production on Idol,

What to expect from the next season, which may not arrive before 2025

start production of Excitement It was set for June 2023, as revealed by costume designer Heidi Bivens. However, the delay is causing problems Sculpture — Sam Levinson’s new, controversial Creatures — With the writers’ strike raging for nearly a month, there’s still no script ready. Apart from this, based on what was leaked earlier, the third season of the series will witness a five year time jumpCompared to the events of the previous chapter.

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