Euphoria, Sweeney talks about criticism of sex scenes

Euphoriafavorite HBO TV series featuring Zendayaabout a recovering teenage drug addict and her many equally troubled classmates, and became hugely popular for its mature approach to various subjects. However, the show has also often been controversial due to its nudity and sexual content, which some viewers and critics consider excessive given its teenage setting.

Sydney Sweeneystarring Cassie Howard, sat down to talk to Variety about the subject and responded to criticism from the public.

You have me, you have Zendaya, you have all these strong independent women. If we didn’t like something or saw something we didn’t like, we told everyone. It’s hard to imagine someone completely destroyed by the public and the media when they really aren’t on set. We are there, we are still working on the show and we are still supporting her. The point is to make people feel uncomfortable and think outside the box. What else can be the purpose of art? As far as I understandNow I feel free and confident. And I found out thanks to Cassie.

In another interview last year with IndependentSweeney spoke about how sometimes sex scenes, although she instructed not to talk about those filmed in Euphoriamade her feel uncomfortable.

When a guy participates in a sex scene or shows off his body, he wins awards and gets praise. But when a girl does it, everything is completely different. I’ve had times where I just wanted to go home and wash myself completely because I felt disgusting… I was uncomfortable with my co-star or crew and I didn’t think my character would do that kind of thing.

Sydney Sweeney pointed out that none of this happened during filming Euphoriawhere there is an intimate relationship coordinator on set to help direct the sex scenes.

I think nudity is important to the story and the character. What this character goes through has a purpose. This is character. We all get naked in real life. We show the life of this character and what he goes through. Cassie’s body is another form of communication for her.

There were times when Cassie had to be naked, and I told Sam, “I don’t think it’s necessary here.” He’s like, “OK, we don’t need that.” I never felt like Sam was pushing me or trying to fit a nude scene into an HBO show. When I didn’t want to, he wouldn’t let me.

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