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Angus Cloud remembered for the image of episodes added as a keepsake Euphoria available for US streaming on MAX.

Viewers who saw the pilot or the first episode of season 2 of the HBO series were actually informed of the sad news of Fesco’s translator’s death.

A photo of Angus appeared on the screen and the dedication of the episode in his memory.

The family announced the sad news of the death of the actor on July 31, remembering how Angus had to say goodbye to his father just a week before.
In the days that followed, Euphoria stars like Zendaya and Sidney Sweeney shared their memories of the Fez translator online, emphasizing that their friend and colleague managed to “light up the room” with her presence and that they would never forget her. laughter and her kindness.

In addition, Angus’ mother wanted to clear up her son’s death, arguing that it was not a suicide.

Are you happy that MAX added the Angus Cloud flashback to the Euphoria episodes?

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