European master Finn, good Strapathi and Benamati

Garda Champion- The Finnish European Masters tournament ended yesterday at Univela Campione del Garda. A total of 93 Finnish athletes took part in the water and a total of eight races were held. Success came to the Dutchman Pieter Piet, who was ahead of the Englishman Greenwood and the Swiss Beauvais.

Roberto Strappati from Ancona performed well, finishing fourth overall and second in the Master category (40-49 years old). Roberto Benamati finished eighth, taking a partial victory. Bruno Catalan is the second among legends (70+ years).

Finn European Masters 2023, Garda Champion

Final results after 8 races
1 NED 148 GrM Peter Pete 51
2 GBR 5 GGM John Greenwood 63
3 SUI 59 Mrs. Simone Bovay 68
4 ITA 115 Mst Roberto Strapati 77
5 SWE 32 GrM Olof Lundqvist 81
6 Hungary 5 Mst Tibor Pallai 96
7 Australia 22 GrM Paul McKenzie 96
8 ITA 788 GGM Roberto Benamati 103
9 Sweden 72 GrM Peter Overup 103
10 FRA 111 Mst Valerian Lebrun 125

Women’s Prize: Maria Kuiper, Netherlands
Super Legend Prize: Joop Wuyts, Netherlands

1 Hans Fatzer, Switzerland
2 Bruno Catalan, Italy
3 Chris Fridal, Netherlands

Great Grandmasters
1 John Greenwood, UK
2 Roberto Benamati, Italy
3 Otto Strandvig, Den

1 Pieter Piet, Netherlands
2 Olof Lundqvist, Sweden
3 Paul Mackenzie, Australia

1 Simon Bovay, SUI
2 Roberto Strapati, Italy
3 Tibor Pallai, Hungary

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