Europecore and Tomatocore, what is the trend of tomatoes going crazy on TikTok?

st.Hashtags have gone viral on social media that refer to the fascination of the Old Continent and in particular our country for Americans.

go crazy Dolce Vita on TikTok. For weeks, the most viral trends have reacted to hashtags. Eurocor and Tomatocor. And they are a reminder of the passion they experience above all abroad, in Europe and in particular in Italy.

What do Europecore and Tomatocore mean?

Summer trends in social networks photograph the desire of Americans to escape to the Old Continent and, above all, to Italy (hence the tomato, tomato, “core”). And if the lucky ones managed to make the trip here, many other tiktokers have been happy reproducing what they think is European and Italian style at home. Sometimes these are actually images bordering on a stereotype, often associated with food or ideas about our country.

Holiday “Made in Italy” for celebrities

Many celebrities who choose to spend their holidays here have contributed to fueling the mania of Europe and Italy. For example, family Kardashian. Posts Chloe with floral corset dress Dolce and Gabanna from the hills of Umbria went viral thanks to 311 million subscribers.

Postcards Jennifer Lopez from Capri

Or again Jennifer Lopez this summer she sent pictures of postcards from Italy, wearing a bustier dress from Zimmerman You can taste typical dishes on the terrace of Capri. Overseas imagination thanks…

Style bordering on the stereotype

To better interpret the style of Europecore and Tomatocore, we need to turn to the Mediterranean aesthetic of the 50s and 60s and its divas such as Sophia Loren, Claudia Cardinale and Gina Lollobrigida. Then the green light for wide and long skirts, corsets, shirts tied at the waist, and ankle-length trousers. The continent and the country in social networks symbolize the escape from reality, a life dedicated to relaxation, the sun, the sea and the Dolce Vita. And it doesn’t matter if this image corresponds only minimally to who I am today.

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