Eurospin and Lidl 2023 collections

OUR more established discounters are signing clothing and accessory lines with growing recognition. Because the prices are low, the design is charming, and the quality is not bad at all. Successful experiment.

Now we can say this: le Eurospin and Lidl collections they passed the test, with all due respect to the incredulous and turning up their noses. Memories? It was the German discount chain Lidl – in 2017 – that conducted the first experiment, debuting in democratic fashion with a capsule signed by a top model (as well as a compatriot) Heidi Klum. And thus, throwing down the gauntlet to inexpensive clothing chains. General public reception was immediately positive.

Lidl clothing and accessories they only arrived in Italy in 2020: so it took some time, but on the other hand, the experiment led – even here – to a sale. In the wake of this success in the summer of 2022 Italian brand Eurospin entered the fashion sector. It was good. Very. Result: le fashion collections are now mandatory for the brands in question and for a large army of people. You don’t know them yet? So let’s take a look at the latest news.

Eurospin Collection 2023

We make two assumptions. All Capsules Eurospinregardless of the season, have two specific characteristics: they are distinguished by the representative colors of the brand, i.e. white, yellow and blue; style is tendentious back.

The summer 2023 collection is inspired by the world 80s surfers and in many ways it is no gender. Consists of unisex sweatshirts and tops, shorts, flip-flops and slippers, one-piece swimsuits, Hawaiian shirts and baseball caps. Speaking of accessories, terry socks, sunglasses, backpacks and silicone bracelets complete the list. Where to buy Eurospin clothes? Convenient: in all brand stores.

Unisex sweatshirt


T-shirt unisex


Hawaiian unisex shirt


Women’s shorts


terry socks


Multicolor Sunglasses


Lidl clothing

Lidl women’s clothing AND Lidl men’s clothing: in this case the difference is obvious, the collections are respectively the result of collaboration with Esmara and Liveri. The 2023 proposals are a confirmation in the sense that we are talking about lightweight but versatile clothing; which, with the right combination, can become the main characters of a wide variety of outfits.

Among the latest offers for this summer I Lidl women’s clothing inspired by iconic polo shirts as well as nautical style shirts. Teaming red canvas lace-up sneakers with white capri leggings is an on-point option for any Tomato girl. When it comes to menswear, Lidl is focusing on smart casual this time around, with classic-cut Bermuda shorts and slip-on canvas pumps.

Eurospin and Lidl collections they are unpretentious, at super affordable prices, but with attention to detail and not bad quality at all. What do you think?

mini polo dress


Nautical style mini dress


Canvas sneakers


capri leggings


Classic Bermuda


regular shirt


Canvas slip-on shoes


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