Euskadi, Society for Ultralongevity

Euskadi, Society for UltralongevityOscar Gonzalez

Euscardi managed to add years to his life each time. We live in one of the oldest communities and oldest societies that ever existed. Population aged 65 and over 21.6% of all neighboring countries. The CAV has one of the highest numbers of elderly people per square meter, for example, 4 out of every 100 Basques are over 85 years old and almost 2,000 are over 100 years old. Because the number of centenarians has tripled in the past decade.

According to science, the future prospect is that getting ages from calendars will become more and more frequent.Eusta’s population panorama confirms this, painting a picture in which the population of the Basque Country over 65 will increase in just five years 29% of the total population. In other words, one in three Basques wears a lot of gray hair.

Also, in 2061, will account for 33.5% The entire census. Compared with 2017, the increase is no more than 12 percentage points.

“It’s an achievement, not a burden”

“Medical advances have resulted in an ever-increasing number of elderly people. We must see elderly patients as an achievement of society, not a burden, and we must address this challenge for the health system”, he affirms Pilar SorendoGerontologist at Santa Marina Hospital and until last year President of the Basque Association of Gerontology and Gerontology Zahartzaroa.

Integrating geriatrics into public health and creating dedicated units is a challenge for the so-called “old age” system

Given that this so-called geriatric phenomenon will become more and more common, it is worth betting on a new type of bailout. “This is why it is so important to include geriatricians in the Basque health system”, Sorendo claimed. “But there should be units dedicated to these older people, and our aim is to create them and make the Basque Country a leader in this field,” he declared.

Maintaining the quality of life in old age is one of the unresolved issues. Therefore, experts strive to approach these superpredecessors with a global and dynamic perspective, and they are willing to cooperate. “We will not spend the next 20 years sitting in an armchair waiting for death to come”, Begogna, who is over eighty years old, exclaimed.

“We’re not going to spend the next 20 years sitting in an armchair waiting to die,” said Begogna, who is in his octogenarians.

To keep these people through their last years in the best possible way, geriatricians assess their physical, mental, clinical and social status. “Functionality is the main variable and we build a system of care and care goals. Most importantly, it must be valued by the relevant professional group. We provide shared assistance between levels, prioritizing autonomy and functionality”.

We must not forget that the current health system was designed in another era, with more consideration acute single disease. “I had pneumonia, I admitted him, the pneumonia passed, and I released him. But today’s population is very different because other chronic diseases co-exist and have different clinical presentations, and we have to adapt to these requirements”, Sorendo In conclusion, he advocated giving this new phase of life the greatest possible dignity.

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