Eva Longoria, and Ana de Armas, among the new invitees to the Academy of the world.


Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, Ana de Armas, and Yalitza to attend the sessions, they are among the 819 guest artists, and this year, the Academy and Hollywood to go along with the institution that organizes the academy awards, which is expected to continue doing so in their effort to be different.
Of these 819 artists, originating from 68 different countries, over 45% are female, 36% are from communities of ethnic and racial under-represented,” while 49% do not come from the United States of america.

Among the guest appearances include artists of Latin origin, such as Eva Longoria, Ana de Armas, Yalitza to attend the sessions or by Yul Vazquez.

Also, there is a representation of the Latin, in respect to the filmmakers, the guests, because there are, among others, the Spanish-Icíar Bollaín, and Paula Carracedo, the mexican Felipe Cazals and louis streets, in the ecuadorian Marques, Lamb, all of colombia, Alejandro Landes, Jorge Ali Triana, the life of Violet, american convention on human rights, the chilean Andres Wood, and Her Castle, and with the paraguay Peace of Encina.

“The Academy is very pleased to welcome these distinguished fellows to travel to in the film,” said the president of the institution, and David Rubin.

“We have always embraced the extraordinary talent, which is reflected in the rich assortment of our community with the film, and never more than right now,” he said.

The Academy has assured on Tuesday that it has met and even surpassed all the goals scored by the year 2016, to increase the diversity of the organisation, so that, by the year 2020, if you had a duplicate in the presence of women and of persons belonging to minorities.
“We are very proud of the steps we took to overcome our initial goals of inclusion are established in 2016, but we now know that there is still a long way to go,” said the counselor, executive of the Academy, Dawn Hudson.

Due to the crisis of the coronaviruses, the he was forced to change his plans for the awards gala of the los angeles of 2021.

So, at the grand gala of the film has been postponed to the 25th of April, and it was set for the 28th of February and out-of-view for the movies that you want to be a candidate.

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