Eva Longoria Femle Fatale (7), Geri Halliwell Bride (6), Fan Bingbing Winged Princess (9)

Cannes 2023, it’s the final evening: the most important red carpet of the spring for the show is all black and white with many gorgeous evening dresses and…

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Cannes 2023, it’s the final evening: The most important red carpet of the spring for the show is all black and white with many gorgeous evening dresses and some amazing outfits.

Geri Halliwell married: 7

The former Spice Girl chooses a total white dress for spring 2023 bridal fashion. One-shoulder with bow, peplum and embroidery. It’s all up chignon, which makes her downright altar-ready.

isabelli fontana 6

The pretty super top was feeling a little Catwoman tonight and like a true dark lady chose a sheath dress with a bare back in latex. But that doesn’t excite us. Adjourned.

Ikram Abdi 3

“But how do you dress?”, everyone asks themselves in front of a model with a large black and white striped hat. Muslim Top has decided that all the shine will be on him, too bad everything is a little too umbrella effect.

abigail cowen 5

The effect is “I put on the first two things I found in the closet”, with a feather boa to show a little skin and play whimsy. However, for the final evening, we expected a bit more commitment.

jane fonda8

Sequined top, bottom trousers and flats with conductor tail. A slightly impossible match that works, though: elegant and casual at the same time, with flat shoes to follow the wave of Jennifer Lawrence and all those who don’t believe in heels for the red carpet. The beautiful actress has worn her gray bob very well, makeup and jewelry are impeccable. They don’t make another like that.

Eva Longoria 8

Dressed in red, sexy, with slit and train, femme fatale, real Latina. Of course, we can also say boring, but it is his character and he plays it well.

daniella pic 7

Another bride but a little less traditional: The dress is convincing with the bodice, soft shoulder straps and slightly full skirt and with her hair let down, Mrs. Tarantino feels very much a princess. promoted.

Daniel Cosio 7

A fountain of sparkling fringe that we just can’t quite figure out how to define: The slightly oddball 3.0’s got our bit right if we compare what we’ve seen so far.

fan bingbing 9

Finally a dress worthy of the ultimate red carpet of a film festival. Bustier and feathered train, shaded colors from black to pearl grey. Chinese actress mesmerized

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