Eva Mange No Longer Recognizes Her Granddaughter Thalía

Eva Mange, Thalia

According to the 103-year-old woman’s caretaker, she no longer recognizes Thalía and doesn’t know who she is.

Doña Eva Mange at 103 years old, no longer recognizes her granddaughter Thalía, according to Jessica de Jesús Martínez, who was the caregiver of the woman at the Le Grand home for the elderly.

“Doña Eva only asks about her granddaughter Laura Zapata, she no longer recognizes Thalía, she doesn’t know who she is. The last time she spoke to her, through a video call, the lady no longer recognized her. Doña Eva hardly hears and they put the loudspeaker on her, ”Jessica declared in an interview with Diario Basta !.

As is known, Thalía is the one who pays for Doña Eva’s stay at Le Grand, but according to her caregiver, the lady no longer wants to be in that place: “Doña Eva has asked Laura several times to get her out of there, why not she likes to be there, she says that they only left her there, that nobody pays attention to her there, that nobody loves her and she starts to cry.

Jessica de Jesús Martínez also assured that Laura almost did not go to visit her grandmother and that the few times she went, she was there for a while and was only on the phone taking videos of Doña Eva, to later upload them to the networks.