Eva Mendes dance video to the song Barbie

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been together since 2012, but they almost never show up as a couple. However, now they freely talk about each other on social networks and in interviews, relying on each other.

not that song

Eva Mendes he used Instagram to show all his support for his companion, the movie star of the summer. In Barbie, author Greta GerwigRyan Gosling plays Ken, complete with a song called i’m just ken, which just entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart and danced a musical number. There are many other hits on the film’s soundtrack, including Dua Lipa’s song, Dance all night long.

Support and admiration remain

It was on the last actor’s wife, 49 years old, decided to dance on social media in a large flowing green dress and a mane of hair loose on her shoulders, in a place that seems to be by the sea. It doesn’t matter that the song is “wrong”, because the actress has already demonstrated all his love for Ryan and for his interpretation, loved by the public and sung by critics (there is even talk of an Oscar), in another post.

cartoon episode

Outside of social media, their personal lives remain private, just like their daughters. Esmeralda AND Amada, born in 2014 and 2016 respectively, stay away from photographers, world events and social media. A video appeared some time ago Eva Mendes a guest on a talk show went viral. In the footage, we see Eva, seated in a chair, receive a life-size hardcover image of Gosling. Ken. “Beautiful,” the woman comments dispassionately. “But I’m at home i have a real one“, – he then added to the cheerful applause of the public.


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