Eva Mendes is not offended that a fan called her “old”


The actress says that he takes it as a compliment, because “it is still present.”

Actress Eva Mendes says she is not offended by a troll that called her old.

Weeks after her reply to a troll that mocked her age, the 45-year-old actress revealed the reason she was not offended by such rudeness.

“I wanted to make sure I saw that person again because I had something to say and I wanted to. Look, you mean this, I don’t think it was malicious, but you say it as an insult, ”Mendes told people.com.

She added: “I want to show you that I take it as a compliment because I’m still here.”

The actress said: “And I have, you know, instead of saying that I am 46 years old, I wish we could change it and I wish I could say: ‘I am 46 years old for me because in Spanish it is very beautiful. You say: ‘I am forty-six years old.’ I’m 46 years old and in English I know, it’s a bit, you know it’s semantic, but it’s important. It’s like I don’t feel 46 but I feel that I have 46 years of experience for me. I just find it so enriching. ”

Although he thinks the troll has no malice, Mendes felt that such ignorant comments had a dangerous meaning.

“I don’t think it was a malicious comment, but I think it is more dangerous because it was not malicious because it is rooted in society that aging is something we should fear or be ashamed of,” he said.

“And I think the whole thing of not asking a woman what her age is is archaic. It’s as if you could ask me my age and I will happily tell you. I am about to turn 46 and that is something shocking to me. But I’m proud of that. ”

Mendes received that comment after he shared a social media clip showing a new hairstyle.