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Eva Mendes joins Camila Cabello in her request for freedom for Cuba

More celebrities around the world continue to show their support and solidarity with the people of Cuba following protests against the dictatorial government of Miguel Díaz-Canel. The prominent American actress Eva Mendes, daughter of Cuban immigrants, joined the call for help with hastag #SOSCuba, on her social networks.

Through her Instagram account, which accumulates 2.5 million followers, the celebrity shared an image with a black background on which she reflected in white letters the hashtag #SOSCuba and the flag of the Island.

In the text that accompanies the post, Mendes echoed the words shared by fellow Cuban actress and popular singer Camila Cabello on her social networks. He also asked his followers for help in spreading the message.

“Please help spread the word to raise awareness. I’m with my people. Please leave comments with information about what is happening in Cuba. I stand in solidarity with my people,” he wrote.

Because of its importance, the editorial staff of Asere Noticias reproduces camila Cabello’s writing shared by Eva Mendes:

Hi guys, there is a big crisis right now in Cuba and we need your help to spread and raise awareness. COVID deaths are rising rapidly and due to a lack of medicine, resources, basic needs and even food, many people are dying. Right now, there are simultaneous protests in more than 5 cities in Cuba. Our brave people took to the streets to protest this humanitarian crisis and the people of Cuba urgently need our help. Spread this message by posting #SOSCUBA in your feed to help raise awareness and support for my people.

Since the social upheaval took place in Cuba, more and more great personalities around the world have spoken out in favor of the people who demand freedom and an end to the dictatorship on the island.

Such was the case of Camilo Echeverry, the internationally renowned Colombian singer-songwriter, who through an Instagram story, sent his message in support of the people of Cuba who have taken to the streets demanding freedom and an end to the dictatorship.

“Family of Cuba, I want you to know that we are with you in everything that is happening,” he begins.

“For the first time in 62 years, on July 11, the Cuban people came out in an organized way to ask for their rights, the Government of Cuba repressed this act, which we understand as our right (to protest), we ask the media to look at Cuba, to help us get out of this, and to judge what the Cuban government is doing,” he said.

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