Evan Rachel Wood Happy Birthday: The Life and Career of an Actress

Evan Rachel Wood was born on September 7, 1987 in Raleigh, North Carolina.in a family where a passion for acting probably breathes even before birth: his mother, Sarah Lynn Moore, is an actress, director, and acting teacher, and his father, Ira David Wood III, is an actor and theater director, best known for founding direct in Raleigh, a theater company called Theater in the park, of which he is an executive director; that’s how evan she started going on stage from a very young agewith appearances and small roles in plays directed by his father, beginning with the production Song Christmas Dickens right in 1987, when the future actress was only a few months old. The real career of Evan Rachel Wood on television and in films began when, after the divorce of her parents, she and her mother moved to Los Angeles.

Evan Rachel Wood’s beginnings between television and film

Since the mid nineties striker, Evan Rachel Wood begins to take part in several movie for tvmostly from true crime genre like In the best of families: Marriage, pride and madness (1994) Eyes ivy (1994) and Murder in small doses (1995).
Instead, he does his film debut to the cinema Autumn in the clouds (1997) with Kevin Bacon, the directorial debut of actor Timothy Hutton.
The young actress was followed by several roles alongside big stars: she is the daughter of Sandra Bullock (and granddaughter of Nicole Kidman) in fantasy. Love and spells (1998) and later played Al Pacino’s daughter in a sci-fi comedy. S1m0ne (2002), a satire on the world of Hollywood and Western Missing teenage daughter Cate Blanchett and her father is Michael Douglas in drama Opening Charlie (2007).

Thirteen and challenging teenage roles

A turning point in his career This is when Evan Rachel Wood was cast by then-aspiring director Katherine Hardwicke to star in her own film. thirteen-13 years old (2003): Based in part on the autobiographical experience of co-star Nikki Reed, the film is the story of a young student who, after befriending a classmate, becomes involved in a string of transgressive and dangerous experiences. ; shot in a few days, at a very low cost, in a semi-documentary style, the film provokes discussion about the portrait of young people it offers, rough and desperate, clearly not sweetened or reassuring, and the role earned Wood a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Drama at the Golden Globe Awards. among other accolades.

It is also a film that reveals her persona as a young actress, suited to the roles of troubled and precocious teenagers, with a distinctly darker side compared to the Disney stereotype fashionable at the time; this is actually followed by films like black comedy Pretty persuasion (2005), as a fifteen-year-old student who accuses her teacher of harassment (who came to us directly on home video), Down in the valley (2005), in which she is a teenager who is attracted to an older man dressed as a cowboy (Edward Norton), quirky Running with scissors in hand (2006), in which he is part of the family of an apparently eminent psychiatrist (Brian Cox), or dramatic Before your eyes (2007), inspired by tragedies such as the Columbine High School massacre, in which she is a teenage version of the character played as an adult by Uma Thurman.

Comedy and drama writer

Among the many dark stories, we will also point out some comedies such as Just let it work (2009), one of Woody Allen’s last New York films, as a young runaway married to a much older man, or a romantic comedy. Web of lies (2013) with Justin Long and Sentimental Barefoot (2014) and most recently we saw her in the screwball crime comedy Kajillionaire: fraud runs in the family (2020).
Among the writers directed by Evan Rachel Wood, we also find Darren Aronofsky in the drama Wrestler (2008), in which she is the daughter of Mickey Rourke, George Clooney, in a political thriller Ides of March (2011) with Ryan Gosling and Robert Redford who wanted to see her in their historical drama. Conspirator (2010) about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

TV Hits Evan Rachel Wood

Television has undoubtedly played a fundamental role in Evan Rachel Wood’s career: still very young, she gets recurring roles in programs such as crime drama. Profiler-Death Information and family series Again, in which she plays the daughter of one of the main characters. He then has a storyline in one of the most successful horror series of the early 2000s. Real blood, portraying Louisiana vampire queen Sophie-Anne Leclerc and gaining recognition as Kate Winslet’s spoiled and rebellious daughter in an acclaimed miniseries Mildred Pierce.
However, the role that finally sanctifies her on television is the role in which she plays. Westworld – Where does it all go, a dystopian series inspired by Michael Crichton’s film: its Dolores Abernathy plays one of the series’ key roles from the very first moments, a perfect android in a western theme park who begins to question his own reality; the character would develop several times throughout the series, remaining one of the central figures in all four seasons that aired, and he was supposed to appear in the fifth and final season, but as we know, HBO unexpectedly decided to cancel “Westworld” without giving the series a true ending.

Musical career

In parallel with his acting career, Evan continued great passion for musicwhich she expressed several times and in different forms, starting with the cinematic: she is one of the main characters of the musical across the universe (2007), an original and memorable mural from the 60s, in which she and other performers perfectly perform many of the Beatles songs that form the basis of stories and characters (she is Lucy, a name naturally inspired by the famous Lucy in the sky with diamonds). Music returns in other works of his, not yet published by us, such as Vienna and ghosts (2020), which follows the punk band’s tour of the United States in the 1980s and recent Weird: The Al Yankovic Story (2022), a film that parodies musical biopics in the vein of its protagonist, singer Al “Weird Al” Yankovic, famous for his parodies of famous songs; Along with the protagonist, played by Daniel Radcliffe, Evan gives the face and body of the legendary Madonna in this fictionalized version, in which she is, among other things, captured by Pablo Escobar’s agents in Colombia.
In the original version, she also voiced Queen Iduna for the film. Frozen 2 – Mystery of Arendellefor which he successfully interpreted the songs “All found“AND “Show yourself“.
She was the lead singer of an electro-pop duo. Rebel and basket (the name is inspired by a joke from the cult film That Breakfast Club), and then start performing in a duet Evan + Zane.
She has also appeared as an actress in several music videos, most notably for “wake me up when it’s september endsby Green Day, paired with then-boyfriend Jamie Bell.

social activism

In addition to her career, the actress is also known for her political and social activism, which she is closely connected with some of the events that took place in her personal life: a few years ago, she really said that she was a victim of mental and physical abuse. abuse by singer Marilyn Manson, her partner for several years, and since then she has worked alongside other activists to pass a law extending the statute of limitations for cases of domestic violence in California by presenting her testimony to a public hearing; the story is told in a documentary in two episodes Phoenix rises (broadcast in Italy by Sky), in which she traces her life, career and relationship with Manson, which began when she was in her early teens (with an offer to work together on a biopic about Lewis Carroll, author Alice in Wonderland), and also participated in several professional collaborations, such as the controversial music video for his song. Heart shaped glassesin which she plays the female lead.

Future Projects Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood will be among the film’s translators Backspotsdirectorial debut of D.B. Waterston, which was produced by Elliot Page (with whom the actress starred in the apocalyptic film). In the forest, 2015) set in the world of professional cheerleading. The actress is also planning to shoot a biopic. Thousand paper craneswho would later reunite her with Jim Sturgess across the universemovie coming of ageabout a brother and sister who discover a corpse hidden in their parents’ basement, and a historical drama. All I amwhich takes place on the eve of World War II.

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