Evan Spiegel questions of the staff Snap to Work at home


SAN FRANCISCO, iNews.id The CEO of Snap-Evan Spiegel has asked to work all of his employees home. Boss Snap instead of delaying the plans of the company, a partner summit.

On 2. To keep April 2020, Snap plans, an event for developers, advertisers, and the creators of Snapchat through the online presentation due to the increasing concern corona virus. Now, Snap announced really relocate the event.

“We feel that it is inappropriate to celebrate, our Partner in the middle of a global health crisis. I am very grateful for the tireless efforts and the hard work of all our team members who strive to be the PLC is possible, and I can’t wait to share all the amazing things we have done, when the time is right,” said the mirror quoted The Threshold, Friday (13/3/2020).

Office Snap open. But most of the workers live in the house. The mirror said the company coordinated with team members in critical business functions need to be in the office, the continuity of the business.

Designed to the measures level, in order to create a social distance, which is sufficient for the protection of the team members is critical that we continue to work in the office. It is also contribute to slowing of the spread of the corona virus COVID-19.

A technology company, has advised the employees to work from home with different levels of severity. Yesterday, Twitter do this exercise for all the workers throughout the world.

Editor : Early Angela