Evelina De Moray talks about the new single “Like a drug” Metal Hammer Italia

By Fabio Magliano on 06/24/2023.

Evelina de Moray talks about new single 'Like a Drug'

For those wandering the vast landscape of rock music in search of a fresh and powerful sound, the journey has come to an end. evelina de morayThe singer, guitarist and gothic designer from Sydney, Australia has crafted an electrifying track, “Like a Drug”, that blends the intense spirit and raw energy of hard rock with a gothic edge. Evelina gives us an in-depth look at her creative process, the defining themes of her latest single, and her hopes for her fan base.

The Making of “Like a Drug”
Evelina’s excitement for her debut single is palpable. Using a wide range of inspirations, he describes the creative process as “An exciting journey of passion, experimentation and artistic expression”, The song’s influences are a rich mix of personal experiences, the allure of the gothic subculture, and the energy of rock music.

“Sound and Direction”The author states, “were heavily influenced by iconic rock artists such as Royal Blood, Jack White, Hellstorm and Queens of the Stone Age”, The result is a track that successfully blends these influences into a unique style characterized by hard riffs, complex guitar melodies and catchy hooks, thus creating a catchy and powerful sound.

the theme that defines it
“Like a Drug” marks an exciting progression for Evelina, showcasing not only her musicianship but her growth as a songwriter. “This record lays the groundwork for future music that I’ll be able to draw and inspire more of my fans with exciting songs and memorable adventures.” The artist says this shows that it underscores his desire to explore new sonic territories while maintaining his signature gothic sound.

a song with personal resonance
Inspired by an intense infatuation with a love interest, the song holds a special personal meaning for Evelina. Explore the addictive nature of being infatuated with someone and the intoxicating wave of feelings that comes with it. “‘Like a Drug”s lyrics invite listeners to embrace the overwhelming attraction and passion that can come from falling deeply in love with someone”Explains the author giving an idea of ​​the emotional depth of the song.

a connection through music
Hoping to forge a powerful connection with her fans, Evelina envisions her listeners immersed in the raw energy of the music, and expressing their inner darkness and longings. “I want my fans to connect with the true passion and intensity I put into ‘Like a Drug'”says the artist, voicing his hopes on how the public will receive the record.

more to come
The release of “Like a Drug” marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Evelina’s musical journey. Fans will be able to see Lady Gaga’s cover of “Bloody Mary” along with a music video that promises to be as intense as it is beautiful.

Evelina’s unique blend of hard rock and gothic, combined with her ability to connect with her fans, has established her as an exciting new voice on the rock music scene. “Like a Drug” is an invitation to explore this exciting world and engage with Evelina’s journey on a deeper level. Their innovative sound and commitment to craft will surely attract the attention of those who appreciate gothic aesthetics, powerful rock music and freedom of self-expression.

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