Even Celebrities Who Have Died Mysteriously Under Weird Circumstances

Even Celebrities Who Have Died Mysteriously Under Weird Circumstances

Over the years, important figures in the entertainment world have passed away: some from natural causes, others mysteriously.

Author: Elizabeth Gonzalez

‘Marimar’ grandma Julia Marichal dies tragically

The entertainment world has been in mourning many times. However, there have also been cases that have caused public shock due to the way some people have handled them. celebrity lost life Well, while some people do mysterious shape, Others due to odd circumstances.

Christian Bach

February 26, 2019, aged 59, Christian Bach lost his life. Although there are many speculations about the cause of his death, because it was once said that he has multiple sclerosis Neither Humberto Zurita nor his children shared details.

“People knew she had cancer. what’s her process and what’s left of herThis is what she wants. It’s something we owe him, not that we want to keep it a secret. ’” he told host Anette Cuburu on Aug. 19.

Carla Alvarez

When he was at the height of his success, Carla Alvarez On November 15, 2013, he died under strange circumstances at the age of 41.

for a long time His cause of death is presumed to be respiratory arrest. Caused by bulimia and anorexia, he has struggled with these eating disorders for some time.

This version was changed in 2017 after Univision obtained the death certificate of the actress in “Heridas de amor,” signed by physician José Luis Haro Rodríguez, dated November 16, 2013, of which The cause of death was defined as acute respiratory failure Associated with viral pneumonia.

Regarding the specific time of her death, the same media claimed that Carla Alvarez had been ill for several days, suffering from cough and fever, and died of a cough while eating a quesadilla.

Octavio Okana

October 30, 2021 Octavio Okana, He was best known for playing “Benito Rivers” on the series “The Neighbors” and died at the age of 22. The actor was killed in a pursuit with security agents in the state of Mexico, the official statement said. The interpreter could have lost control of the vehicle, causing it to crash on the Chamapa-Lecheria highway.

At the time, police said when they approached the car they found Octavio Ocagna with a gunshot wound to the head and a gun inside the car.

Eyewitness videos that have begun to circulate on the internet have raised doubts about what really happened, as Octavio Okana is shown bloodied but without a gun.

In May 2023, Octavio Ocaña’s death took a turn for the worse when an investigation by the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) revealed that he had been shot in the skull at a distance of just over a meter. their case (continues to this day) He was reclassified as manslaughter.

Jose Jose

On September 28, 2019, the entertainment world was rocked by the death of José Rómulo Sosa (better known as José José).

It was initially mentioned that his cause of death was pancreatic cancer, which had been diagnosed many years earlier.

However, composer Lolita della Colina announced in “Ventaneando” that same year that the “Prince of Songs” had been injected with Valium to keep him calm and leave as peacefully as possible. He also assured that he died not at home with his family, but in a nursing home.

Since Jose Jose had been cremated and his children, Jose Joel and Marisol Souza, were unable to perform an autopsy on him, it is unclear exactly what happened to him.

Naya Rivera

Actress Naya Rivera, best known for her role as “Santana” on the television series “Glee,” went missing with her son in Lake Piru, California, in July 2020.

Although the boy was found alive on the boat, authorities recovered the translator’s body after a five-day search.

An autopsy analysis showed no trace of any harmful substances in her body and no injuries, so the official story is that Naya Rivera drowned after saving her son.

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