Even Margot Robbier Might Not Feel Sexy, And That’s OK

Can Margot Robbie not feel sexy too? After release Barbie a short video of the actress went viral on social media in which she states that she doesn’t feel sexy when she’s on her own, but did feel sexy when she played some of the characters. The video accompanies Billie Eilish’s song to the Barbie movie, and the reactions are numerous: “If even Margot Robbie doesn’t feel sexy, what should we do?” Cit.

With release Barbie in all cinemas of the world the image and name Margot Robbie they are constantly in the spotlight. In fact, the outdated video has been circulating on social media (Instagram and TikTok) for several days now. 2016 in which the actress answers a couple of questions supposedly asked by the interviewer. The video is slightly edited and the voice of the actress is voiced by Billie Eilish along with her. What was I made for?, a song that became part of Barbie’s own soundtrack. It goes without saying that the move was strategic: a pathos video (and a suitable theme) + a song with a rich meaning = light tears, a lot of emotions and a huge dose of reflection.

The video in question is from a campaign In my Calvin From Calvin Klein (full name Calvin Klein Fall 2016 Global Campaign) and is still featured on the brand’s YouTube channel.

In a summary (about 24 seconds) Margot Robbie to the interviewer’s question: “Are you feeling sexy?“, he answers honestly:”No, not when I“. We have to admit it after hearing him say that it has a certain effect.

In addition, Robbie adds another detail to the disturbing statement: she admits that she felt sexy in the role of some of her characters; A translated feelingmeans a new story, a new face, a new soul far from myself.

It’s been seven years since that video and, of course, the feelings of Margot Robbie will change, and with them the awareness of yourself, your body and your beauty (who does not change over the years? ed.), but, of course, this phrase still makes us think, especially today.

Even famous (and objectively beautiful) people can show their insecurities

Margot Robbie is beautiful, we agree with this. However, Margot Robbie didn’t always feel as beautiful and sexy as the globe describes her today. Before becoming one of the most popular actresses in the world of modern cinema, as well as one of the most beautiful, Robbie is a man, she is a woman, and as such she experiences her feelings as her own, regardless of fame and regardless of nominations, prestigious awards.

It’s understandable that hearing her say she doesn’t feel sexy can seem “slapin relation to us, mere mortals, but objectively who decided that “objective beauty” (which, however, who decides objectivity, if not the standards imposed by society? ed.) recognized by someone must necessarily be considered absolute? Why shewho is so beautiful and so good, can’t afford to feel insecure?

This thing is about aesthetic pressure and beauty as performance must stop.

“If even Margot Robbie doesn’t feel sexy, what am I supposed to say?”: This is just one of the many reactions to a video that’s gone viral these days, but it’s also the most popular. Read today, this statement makes the overall picture of the world even clearer: a heap of stereotypes, beliefs and unhealthy aesthetic claims.

The point is very clear: putting yourself down because a beautiful actress says she doesn’t feel sexy is seriously damaging our mental and physical health. “It’s weird,” it’s true, but the Margot Robbie feeling can be anyone’s feeling, and that’s okay.

Every person is a possibility, every body is also a soul, every beauty can find itself fragile. It’s not healthy to belittle yourself in any way: Margot Robbie is exactly the same as us, only much richer (this is for a laugh, ed.).

I would like to hug her‘: This comment, on the other hand, reflects the part of the world that we should all live in. It would be nice, of course utopian, but still beautiful.

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