Even without pants, Sydney Sweeney rocks a chic sequined look

Though she’s not busy cruising the halls Euphoria Tall bombshell Cassie, Sydney Sweeney seems to have found her own geek-chic niche. In Paris on Tuesday, the actress showed off her latest academic style, which, of course, didn’t come without some very fashionable details (at least one of which is an elevated version of a gym class staple).

Sweeney attended the Miu Miu post-Fashion Week dinner wearing a collared shirtdress covered in black sequins. Accordingly, like many fashionable girls these days, she styled this look without pants, turning the top into a tiny evening dress.

Most of the clothing was shiny black fabric, with the exception of a white collar and a wide button placket running down the front. Sweeney is no stranger to prep style—she embraced Thom Browne’s skirt suits earlier this year—but the vibrant composition of her Miu Miu look offered a more casual approach than we’ve seen from her in the past.

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To complete the ensemble, Sweeney pulled her wavy blonde locks back with a can’t-miss black headband and added a pair of white patent high-heeled sandals (which, judging by her previous look, seem to be her new perfect shoe shape) from the Italian brand . While the shirtdress was as sparkly as the stylish look, the star went in a different direction at the Miu Miu show earlier in the day.

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There she stepped out in a tiny tweed cropped set consisting of a long-sleeve cardigan and cut-off shorts. And in keeping with the dress code, she bared the very top of her white cotton boxers. However, instead of a book bag, she carried a Miu Miu “Arcadie” mini and the same style of heels, this time in black.

Although filming the third season Euphoria has been delayed until 2025, it’s clear that Sweeney is using his personal style as something of a character study in the meantime. So until Cassie returns to her normal routine, we’ll happily settle for Sweeney’s chic crusade.

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